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C sections are like the DiGiorno of pregnancy.

Because it's not delivery.

What section on Pornhub do people from Alabama go to the most?


So a black store owner goes to his work

He sees a group of people holding up picket signs that say "We Hate Gingers". Confused, he goes up to them and asks, "Who are you and what are you protesting?" They answer, we're the sect of dyslexic k**..., and we want you out of our town!

C sections.

They really take it out of you.

What section would a defective cabinet look for in a library?

Shelf help


I'm going to start a religious sect for people who love both bible study and varietals of cheddar.
It shall be called The Church of Cheesus Christ.

Sects, sects, sects....

Is that all you monks think about?

Why did got object to the wedding between the catholic man and the catholic woman?

He doesn't approve of same sect marriage

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