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  1. I couldn't afford to take the kids to SeaWorld... So I took them to the fish market and said "Shhh, they're sleeping".
  2. Feed a man a fish, and he'll eat for a day. Feed a fish a man, and you're no longer welcome at Seaworld.
  3. SeaWorld just announced layoffs and said that they will be letting 125 people go "Must be nice." said the animals.
  4. I asked my Dad if we can go to seaworld... He said that only if we go to A-World or B-World first.
    This actually happened haha
  5. I rang Seaworld the other day. A lady answered the phone and said "This call may be recorded for training porpoises"
  6. What did the sea-world trainer's friend say to him after he spilled water on his friends lap? You did that on porpoise
  7. I called SeaWorld to reserve tickets, but before I got through, I had to say, "Jump through the hoop! Do a flip!" They said my call may be recorded for training porpoises...
  8. Did you hear about the Florida teacher who stole the bottlenose dolphin from SeaWorld before Hurricane Matthew? She took it for educational porpoises.
  9. Seaworld has borrowed a shark to try and make one of their own sharks pregnant... Personally, I think I would have looked at other options before going to a loan shark...
  10. I really Loved the Orca Show at SeaWorld.... I guess you can say I had a Whale Of a Good time.

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  1. What do you get if you mix human DNA and whale DNA? Banned from of Seaworld
  2. Hello, this is Seaworld... your call may be recorded for training porpoises
  3. Don't invest in SeaWorld It's really starting to tank
  4. Seaworld Thank you for calling SeaWorld, your call may be used for training porpoises.
  5. What's a blind person's least favorite theme park? Seaworld
  6. Yo mamma's so fat that she had to get baptized at seaworld.
  7. I got free admission for life at SeaWorld For being an Orca Whale.
  8. Where do feminists go swimming? SeaWorld
  9. Why do SeaWorld dolphins keep track of their tips? For tax porpoises
  10. Yo mama is so fat... That Seaworld is looking for her to make sure she no longer breeds.
  11. How long do I usually sit at Seaworld m**...? Tilikum

Seaworld joke, How long do I usually sit at Seaworld m**...?

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This just in: A recent study has discovered that dolphins and humans are the only two species to have s**... for fun.

In unrelated news: All Oklahoma residents are now banned from SeaWorld.

Being at a s**... club is like being at a dolphin show at seaworld

I want to enjoy it, but I just feel bad for them

Did you guys hear about that dolphin at SeaWorld that committed s**...?

Apparently after he was separated from his family and forced into captivity, he lost all sense of porpoise in his life.

Seaworld joke, Did you guys hear about that dolphin at SeaWorld that committed s**...?