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Don't ask me!

A tourist visiting Seattle is sick of rain and asks a boy - Does it ever stop raining here?
Boy - How do I know? I am only eight.

Not sure what you have heard, but it actually only rains twice a year in Seattle.

October through May, then June through September.

What do you call two straight days of rain in Seattle?

The weekend!

The difference between weather and climate.

Weather is the atmospheric conditions in a location at a given time, example, rain in Seattle.
Climate is weather over a period of time in a location, example, rain in Seattle.

What follows four days of rain in Seattle?


What does daylight saving time mean in Seattle?

An extra hour of rain.

No matter how much it rains in Seattle, ...'s always worse on Mt Rainier.

A helicopter flying over Seattle,with all communication devices down.because of the fog and rain he lost his position.

Desperate the pilot writes on a piece of paper "Where am I?" and sticks it on the windshield. He sees a tall building and surrounds it. The people inside see the note and hurry to help the pilot and they write on the window: " You're inside a helicopter ". The pilot makes a loop and safely lands. Everybody is astonished and ask him how did he do it? He said when he saw the message on the window he immediate knew his position; he realized the tall building was Microsoft because their answers are always technically correct but completely useless

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