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  1. A physicist sees a man about to jump off from the top of Sears Tower... He yells to him "Don't do it! You have so much potential!"
  2. I Work At Sears And Some Black Guys Came In Asking For Polyester Pants It's weird because they usually pick cotton.
  3. I was about to jump off of Sears building... (But) I stopped. I suddenly realized I had so much *potential*.
  4. I asked the Sears employee's how there store has been affected by the lockdown. They said "what lockdown".
    (Credit to Bill Maher)
  5. Im really bad at culinary terms, Char, sear, flambe, caramelise, scorch.
    It's all Greek to me.
  6. I'll never forget this solar eclipse, it'll forever be seared into my mind... ...and retinas. I really should've worn some glasses.
  7. I miss Sears:( Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly are feuding, and Colin Kaepernick is the new face of Nike. White people havent been this stressed since Sears closed.
  8. My uncle got banned from Sears.... He kept asking how many pixels did their microwaves have.
  9. A joke to me by an old southern man. I told my Wife to go to c**...'s and get me a seersucker suit.
    She went to Sears......
  10. A beacon of true racial equality "In this time of being divided by race we should be more like Jeffrey d**..., who only saw the color of people as a light pink center with a nice sear"
Sear joke, A beacon of true racial equality

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Sear One Liners

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  1. Where do fortune tellers buy their clothes? Sears.
  2. How are Michael Jackson and Sears the same? They're both dead.
  3. I am dating a former Sears model Her name is Manny Quinn.
  4. Shocked by the Sears news today, I had no idea it was still open.
  5. Why did Michael Jackson love to shop at Sears? He heard little boy's pants were half off.
  6. Sears does vasectomies now. But every time I get an e**..., my garage door opens.

Sear joke, Sears does vasectomies now.

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We are in search of fresh vegetable puns.

Please lettuce know

Searching for Sasquatch

Two men are on a hunt through the forest looking for Sasquatch.
After days and days of searching and not even finding a footprint, they happen to run into an old native man.
They ask the man "Have you by any chance seen a Sasquatch around here?"
Confused, he replies "Sasquatch?"
They answer him " know; big, hairy, smells bad.."
"Oh!" he replies. "You mean squawsnatch!"

When I search Canadian cats in Google...

It just gives me a bunch of lynx.

What's the best way to search a linen store?


I searched for 'wardrobe malfunction' on pornhub and it showed me a video about Narnia

Searched for a PI service in my area...

Got a delicious apple in the correct geometric shape, but didn't really help me figure out who my wife was cheating on me with...

If you're searching for motivation and positivity look no further!

Because you probably won't find any

What is Bing's most searched word ?


What do you use to search for anime in Google?


"The search for the man who terrorises nudist camps with a bacon slicer goes on....

Inspector Lemuel Jones had a tip-off this morning, but hopes to be back on duty tomorrow."

I was searching for bear photos

When I made a grizzly discovery

I searched in Google "How do I know if my wife is a witch".

You could've just asked me! - she yelled from the kitchen.

I was searching for the end of the line.

I tap a guy on the shoulder and ask, "excuse me sir, are you the last person in line?"
Dude turns are, looks at me funny and goes, "no, you are."

I've searched high and low for my brother's killer

but nobody is willing to do it.

There's a new search engine being developed for infants

Google Ga Ga

What search engine is best for finding lewd pictures?


I tried searching the internet for a medieval servant boy...

but I kept getting the same error.
Page not found!

I searched Google for "How to cheat on my girlfriend."

The first result was "I hope you used the left hand to type that."

I searched eBay for lighters

But it only showed me 16,277 matches.

I've been searching for college courses about correlation studies.

Except I cannot find the best fit.

I searched google for "how to start a large fire"

52,000 matches

I've been searching for months for my girlfriend's killer...

...but no one will do it.

What's the most searched word on Bing?


I've been searching...

...for almost 40 years for a toilet seat I don't fall through.
I'm a little behind.

I searched the internet for a cigarette lighter

All I got was 15,000 matches

I've been searching for two years to find my wife's killer

So far, nobody will take the job.

Searching for work that will let me make a living with my hands

You could say I'm looking for a h**....

Searching for a job is the same as searching for a girlfriend

I just can't find either one.

A Search Engine Optimization expert walks into a bar...

pub, tavern, inn, taproom, drinkery, public house, beer garden, beer, alcohol.

I tried searching Google for cigarette lighters

And all I got was 15,000 matches.

I searched for the meaning of impotent on the internet today...

...but nothing came up.

I searched a list of ten puns to find one that made me laugh....

No pun in ten did

I've just searched for half an hour to see if the joke I was going to post was a repost

It wasn't, so I'm going to have to think of another one.

If you search "pig" on Google Images, every image has the same file type.

They're all .jpigs.

Searching for coffee? Just look down.

Chances are it'll be ground.

I searched Reddit and this joke hasn't been posted.

USPS came out with a Donald Trump stamp. They were Yugely popular at first, but suddenly went out of circulation, because they wont stick to the envelopes.
This enraged the president, and he demanded a full investigation, blamed the democrats and JINA and the lame-stream media.

After months of testing, costing $2.65 billion in congressional spending and firing of 25+ people, the special prosecutor appointed by Trump presented the following findings.
* The stamps have no manufacturing defects.
* There is nothing wrong with the adhesive.
* People are spitting on the wrong side of the stamp.

I tried searching up "Dementia" on google

but for some reason, all the links were purple.

I searched Google for a lighter . . .

But all I found was 96k matches .

In search of: Married woman, recently cheated on, mad, scorned -

Willing to sell her husband's fishing gear

I was searching Google Images for Rorschach tests.

But all I found were pictures of my parents fighting.

I tried searching Alzheimer's on Google…

… but for some reason all the links were purple.

I searched on eBay for something to light my candles with...

It said, "No matches found"

I have searched the world over for a chef who can make eggs Benedict like mama used to.

But there's no place like home for the hollandaise.

I've been searching for an anagram of "tired" all day.

Oh well, I tried.

Sear joke, I've been searching for an anagram of "tired" all day.

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