Seahorse Jokes

What are some Seahorse jokes?

How do sea-horses run?

They scallop.

[In a seahorse home] Son: Dad?

Dad: Yes?
Son: Happy M-
Dad: DON'T
Son: Moth-
*Dad bangs head on desk*

A young Asian boy comes home with his homework

He puts the paper in front of his father saying Daddy! Look! I did so well I got a seahorse sticker!
The father replies C-HORSE? WHY NOT A-HORSE

Who was the blind horse jealous of?

The seahorse.

What do you call a creature with the head of a seahorse, body of a lobster, the hind legs of an octopus, the front legs of a penguin, and claws?

A crabomination

I am hung like a horse

a seahorse

Why didn't the seahorse have sex with the oyster?

Because he didn't want to catch *clam*ydia.

What did the seahorse say to the fat man?

"You're fat!"

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