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The King of Slaveria fancied himself quite the Casanova

He was renowned throughout the lands for his voracious s**... appetite, and never travelled anywhere without at least a half a dozen concubines in his royal entourage. It so happened that on a voyage to survey his lands across the sea that his royal ship ran into a hurricane and sank. All were lost save the King and his Royal Jester who managed to make it to a small desert island. Well, it wasn't long before the King was at his wit's end.....

One day a Viking named Leif returned after a long sea voyage and found that during his absence his name had been removed from the town register.
He sent his wife to the town hall make a complaint to the mayor.
"I’m sorry," said the mayor, "I must have taken Leif off my census."

A pirate ship is voyaging at sea.

First mate: Captain there is an enemy ship on the horizon preparing for battle!
Captain: Bring me my red shirt!
The two ships got to battle and the enemy ship ends up being destroyed.
First mate: Captain why did you ask me to bring you a red shirt before the battle?
Captain: Well, if I were to get shot during battle, the red shirt would disguise the blood and you would continue with the battle.
First mate: Wow, that is very honorable. Captain there are 20 enemy ships on the horizon!
Captain: Bring me my brown pants!

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