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  1. Took my kids to the dinosaur museum today. Spent the whole day looking up at the giant sculptures , I discovered a new species.
    This is my first dad joke post :)
  2. Took my kids to the dinosaur museum today. Spent the whole day looking up at the giant sculptures , I discovered a new species. Myneckisaur.
  3. The Thinker by Rodin is... Rodin’s masterpiece sculptural work The Thinker is based on a distinctive Xi’an figure with a disturbed expression. The Terracotta Worrier.
  4. The LEGO Museum was hit by an earthquake. Many were devastated that nearly all of the brick sculptures were destroyed,
    but the staff were able to pick up the pieces and move on.
  5. You should kill me for this but... Did you see the engraving under the mineral sculpture of the famous punner's head? It said, "Wordplay Ore Bust"
  6. I made a ceramic sculpture of Mohammed Ali but it exploded in the kiln. It was gaseous clay
  7. I was thinking of you today. I even made a sculpture of you..... Then I flushed the toilet.
  8. Why are anti-vaxxers so terrible at painting and sculpture? Because vaccines can cause you to be artistic.
  9. The shame about ancient Grecian art... The shame about ancient Grecian art is that there are amazing marble sculptures and structures which too often get taken for granite.
  10. What banner phrase did the art sculptures create to christen their upcoming race? Finish line or BUST!

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  1. I went to a museum, but all it had was one sculpture. It was a bust.
  2. If someone made a sculpture in Minecraft of J-Lo. Would you name it Jenny from the Block?
  3. I'm having trouble with my Bonnie Tyler LEGO sculpture Every now and then it falls apart.
  4. What do you call a Harambe tribute sculpture designed by Roy Moore? Statuetory Ape
  5. What do you call a cross between a pomeranian and a sculpture of a fruit? A pomegranite.
  6. What did the sculpture say to his GF? I love you with all my art ❤
  7. My son made an ice sculpture of batman It was made of just ice.
  8. If you throw away an ice sculpture, is it justice?
  9. Snow sculptures are cool! Icy pose
  10. Yo momma so poor.... She stole macaroni from your preschool sculptures to use for dinner.
  11. Why did roman sculptures have small p**...? To get to the other side!

Sculpture joke, Why did roman sculptures have small p**...?

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God was handing out talents one morning

To some, He gave the power to create life. The angels around Him were in awe as crops flourished and population soared. To others, he gave fine skills and artistry. His angelic entourage marveled at intricate needlework, tapestry, and sculpture.
God stooped down low and found a man waiting in the darkness, just before dawn. He gave him the power to sprinkle water on the grass as the sun rose. The angels were confused. "You gave amazing abilities to all others. Can this one really care for himself with such a small talent?"
God simply replied, "He will learn to make dew."

A server is carrying a tray of cheese when he sees a beautiful girl walk by.

He thinks of something to say and goes in for the kill. But on his way he slips on a wet spot, sending him sliding into an ice sculpture and spilling the cheese in a straight line behind him. People get up to help and start picking up cheese off the ground. The girl goes over to the server and asks if he is okay. The server responds, "I'm fine, but it seems my slick icebreaker has turned into a cheesy pickup line."

Mothers day scultpures

Ellis and Chris are up late carving sculptures of a mother holding a baby for their Mothers Day stall.
All of them look the same the only differences are the flowers in the mother's hair.
Chris tells a story to Ellis about his favorite flower and why.
*Ellis rolls his eyes*
Chris: "What's YOUR favorite flower Ellis?"
Ellis sighs, gets up, and walks over to their finished pieces, picks one up and gets a splinter in his thumb.
Ellis puts the sculpture down and looks at Chris.
Chris: "So?"
Ellis turns around and as he walks out of the room he replies:
"Chris...sand the mums."

A blind man walks into a sculpture store.

He'd been planning a heist targetting the jewellery store beside it. Fumbling around to gain his bearings, he eventually comes into contact with a statue of a woman, to which he finally exclaims, "Well, this is a bust!"

Sculpture joke, I was thinking of you today. I even made a sculpture of you.....