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Make your holiday season merry with these hilarious Scrooge jokes! Learn the lighter side of the famous cheapskate, Scrooge McDuck, as you laugh your way through jokes about his well-known miserly behavior. Enjoy jokes about his Christmas joy-ride with his sleigh and reindeer, and other Scrooge themed stories sure to bring a smile to your face!

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  1. What ghost did Ebenezer Scrooge encounter when he refurnished his home? The shadow of his former shelf.
  2. Ebenezer Scrooge must have been tripping pretty badly to see all those ghosts He probably popped a Marley
  3. What do you call a guy that hates Christmas and steals the woman you love? Ebenezer Scrooge-yagirl
  4. h**... finds an antique oil lamp. He rubs it, a genie pops out and grants him one wish. "Only one wish, you scrooge? Go back to your lamp and light it!"
  5. How do both Santa and Ebeneezer Scrooge keep their hair so lustrous? With h**... h**... Bah!
  6. It is payday today and I feel like Uncle Scrooge now. ...a cranky old g**....

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Scrooge joke, It is payday today and I feel like Uncle Scrooge now.

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Scrooge One Liners

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  1. What's Scrooge's favourite food? A humbug'er.
  2. What do you call the Ghost of Christmas Middle East? Lebaneser Scrooge.
  3. Where does Scrooge go to in New York City? The Grumpire State Building!
  4. What kind of eyesight does Scrooge McDuck have? Eurovision
  5. What do you call Scrooge when you catch him blowing loads of dudes? Ebekneezhurt
  6. What's the best way to get rid of a Scrooge? Sleigh them
  7. What do you call a black person who doesn't like Christmas? Ebony-zer Scrooge
  8. What does Ebenezer Scrooge serve at his Christmas Party? Humburgers!
  9. What does Scrooge McDuck smoke? A quack pipe.
  10. What did Scrooge do when he encountered the Ghost of Christmas Present? He unwrapped it
  11. If Ebenezer Scrooge were a sheep, what kind of hat would he wear? A Baa-Homburg!
  12. How are Ebenezer Scrooge and Sour Patch Kids alike? Sour. Sweet. Gone.
  13. How are wasps like Scrooge? How are wasps like Scrooge?
    They're both stingy!
  14. What did scrooge mcduck use to educate huey , dewey and louie? Duck tapes
  15. What do Scrooge McDuck and dragons have in common? They love to swim in gold coins.

Scrooge joke, What do Scrooge McDuck and dragons have in common?

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Scrooge joke, What did Scrooge do when he encountered the Ghost of Christmas Present?

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