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Arnold Schwarzenegger was asked to play Mozart.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been offered the chance to play the role of Mozart in a new film. He read the script but was not impressed. So he told the producers 're-write it and I'll be Bach.'

Need some help from you guys!

I'm writing a script for a commercial for a small denture business, and the client wants me to open with a pun and so far anything I've come up with is pretty bleak.. So hit me with your best mouth/dentist/smile (etc.) puns! Thanks in advance.

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During the shooting of a movie...

Director: Now we'll let the lion out of the cage and he'll chase but don't worry he won't eat you.

Actor: What makes you so sure?

Director: It's in the script.

Actor: Has the lion read the script?

Script joke, During the shooting of a movie...

Yet another world cup joke

Heard this from a telephone script today:

Jake! Is it true that you have my girlfriend at place, in your bed right now at this moment!?

Good! Finally I can watch the world cup in peace!

I'm working on a script about a mobster who attempts to reinvent himself as a professional photographer. I'm gonna call it...

*The Selfie Made Man.*

What was Mark Hamill's reaction when he finished reading The Force Awakens script?


So an old man is reading an electronic version of a script from the hit movie oblivion

Elder scrolls oblivion

Script joke, So an old man is reading an electronic version of a script from the hit movie oblivion

Just announced, they are making a movie based on Tetris...

Apparently it was due to start filming this year but writing the script was taking longer than expected as every time they finished a line it would disappear.

The script for the upcoming Tetris movie is terrible

Each actor just says four lines and then disappears.

Someone at Sony Studios was arrested for having a bomb in his backpack.

He was released after it was determined that it was the script for Ghostbusters

I'm working on a script for a horror movie.

It's called *my diary*

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Originally, in The Force Awakens BB-8 had a brother. The robot would not stay on script or say his lines correctly, so he was fired.

It is sad, but you can't really feel bad for DV-8.

How has the Suicide Squad 2 script been improved?


A guy was writing a script in which two characters were plotting against each other. Do you know the result?

Error: Characters can't be plotted in C++. Try with numbers please

TIL that Funimation has an unreleased Dragon Ball Z episode where they just improved the whole script.

Oops. Wrong dub.

(Real oops. Meant to type improvised)

Why do programmers have a hard time with improv?

They can't execute without a script.

Script joke, Why do programmers have a hard time with improv?

How does batman schedule a task on his computer?

With a .bat script

I'm currently writing a script about the battles of Polaris and Betelgeuse…

I'm calling it Star Wars

In the original 'Good Will Hunting' script, there is a surprise gay sex scene between the two straight leads. It was purposely put there as a test to see if studios actually read the script. Harvey Weinstein was the only producer who mentioned the scene

Weinstein said that the sex scene usually takes place before he approves a movie

If my theater troupe and I perform on stage and use the dictionary as our script... it a play on words?

A turtle walks into a bar...

...actually, it was supposed to be a rabbit, but lack of a neutral net forced a last minute script change.

After watching Episode 8, Colin Trevorrow pitched the script for Episode 9 to Bob Iger…

...which hit Bob in the face.

If you give an infinite amount of monkeys with typewriters an infinite amount of time, they will eventually recreate all of Shakespeare's masterpieces accidentally...

But give them five minutes, and they'll have the script of The Last Jedi.

I just finished writing the script for a theatrical production about the making of the first English dictionary

I'm calling it A Play On Words

I thought it was coffee break...

... when I saw "Java Script" on schedule.

Then I realize it was Speech n Drama.

On a film set, everyone is getting ready to start shooting, when the director calls for his assistant to bring him the script.

The assistant runs onto set and starts kicking over props, crawling around the floor and frantically pulling his hair.

As the assistant starts tearing off his clothes and shaking them around, the director thinks to himself, "He's lost the plot!"

I'm writing a script for a show called "Pun".

Pretty much, it's going to be a big Play on words.

I want to write a show called "Pun". I'll have the script printed out and taped to the floor of the set.

It'll be a play on words.

I've just finished the script for a film I titled "American Schools"

Shooting starts soon.

I've written a script for a film about an action hero who works in accounts.

The sequels going to be set in a different department.

This time it's personnel.

I lost the script I was gonna use for my TED Talk.

I'm speechless.

Had my wisdom teeth removed and the doc wrote me a script for oxys

The percs of dental surgery

What's the favorite movie of the Infinity War script writer?

Die Hard

Just been arrested by the police after recently being given the part of Romeo in my local theater.

The script clearly said 'Enter Juliet from behind'.

People could never make 'Blazing Saddles' nowadays.

If you gave the script to a movie studio, they'd say, "This is the script for 'Blazing Saddles,' why are you giving this to me?"

I wanted to write a movie script about a retired CIA agent who has to rely on his old skills to save his kidnapped daughter, but that idea was taken.

So I thought instead I'd write a script about a retired CIA operative who is taken hostage along with his wife in Instanbul, but that idea was taken, too.

In 8th grade english class I wrote a script titled "The Pun"

The very first set description in the script said that the stage was to be painted over with random words and phrases.

When I handed in the assignment, my teacher came up to me and asked: "Why is your script titled 'The Pun' and why is the floor covered with phrases?"

"Because my script is a play on words!"

I heard they're making a Tetris movie...

They can't get the script done. Every time they write a line, it disappears.

Writing the script for the Tetris movie must be hard,

Every time they write a line, it disappears.

Programmer goes to his computer

He's working at home. Right now, he's coding a music player for his own system. He tests it, seeing that it works.

His friend calls him, and says: "What are you listening to right now?"

The programmer replied: "I'm listening to The Script."

Husband comes home from his doctor's appointment telling his wife that he has a prescription for daily sex.

She grabs the script and says 'Nice try, this for dyslexia' !!!

I wrote a script about the dictionary for my local theatre

It's a play on words.

A woman was working at a lingerie counter when a customer approached with a pair of frilly panties.

"I'd like to buy these," she said, "but only if you can embroider 'If you can read this, you're too close' on the back."
So the saleswoman took the panties to the tailor in the backroom and described the rather unusual request.
The tailor said, "I can do that. Does she want block letters or script?"
Since the saleswoman didn't know, she went back around to the counter, and asked, "Do you want that in block letters or script?" And the customer replied with a smile, "Braille."

Kung Fu Panda's Script

In the first draft for Kung Fu Panda's script the country of origin was written as TH, instead of CHN. However, it was just a Thai Po.

My dad wronged me...

I brought home a test score of 90 and showed it to my dad. I thought he would praise me for it, but my dad took one look at the test script and said I added the "0" there. I got a big scolding and was grounded for the week. I really didn't add the "0".

I added the "9".

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