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So *that's* how it works. [true story]

Went to visit a friend at his work (he's a chemist). There's a placard on the wall of the lab that says:

"Safety Reminder: Many Hands Make Light Work!"

Scrawled below that in black marker:

"Gee. All these years of college and I thought it was wave/particle duality."

Mickey mouse wakes up one winter morning and looks out the window.

To his shock, he sees someone has scrawled the words 'FUCK MICKEY' in urine in the snow in front of his house. He calls the sheriff, who comes and asks him a couple of questions. He then takes pictures and samples of the urine and leaves. The next morning, Mickey receives a phone call. It's the sheriff.

"Mickey, I've got bad news and worse news. The bad news is that the urine belongs to Goofy."

"Oh, no," says Mickey mouse. "What's worse than that?"

"It's in Minnie's handwriting."

The body of an homosexual, existentialist fugitive was found in a motel 2 years after the case went cold.

Across an entire wall the words "How do they know" were scrawled, surrounded by places and names connected by bits of string.
The police investigated this, but they couldn't decipher it beyond the ravings of a madman.

The body was found in front of a computer after people at the motel reported a gunshot early in the morning.
Apparently he had browsing 4chan. The police tried to figure out what drove him to kill himself by checking his browser history, but couldn't get any leads. It wasn't until they looked at the comments that they figured out what drove him mad.

Scrawled on the toilet urinal wall

The future is in your hands !!!

The teacher...

walked into the classroom to find words like "cunt" and "cock" scrawled all over the blackboard.
"Children" she said, addressing the classroom. "you are much too young to use vile language like that. Now, we're all going to close our eyes and count up to fifty. Then, while our eyes are closed, I want the little boy or girl who wrote those words on the board to tiptoe up and erase them."
At the signal, the teacher and the children all closed their eyes. Then the teacher counted out loud very slowly.
When she reached fifty, she said, "All right. Everybody open their eyes." All eyes went to the blackboard.
None of the words were erased. But below them was the message: " Fuck you, Teacher. The Phantom strikes again!"

A principal is giving the inspector a tour of the school grounds. As they walk past the lockers, the inspector notices a message scrawled across one of them. "what is it?" the principal asks. "it seems like some kind of wordplay or joke " the inspector replies. "what do you call those?"

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