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What is everyone using to scrape ice off their windscreen?

This morning I used a discount card from my wallet, but it was no good. I only got 20% off.....!!

I scraped my elbow looking for coal

It was a miner injury.

So, I was talking to my friend who runs a scrap yard. I asked how business was...

... He replied: "pretty good, I've seen a bit of a pickup recently."

So they were going to make a new CSI tv show in West Virginia...

But they had to scrap production when they realized there were no dental records and all the DNA was the same.

A magician working on a ship was losing people's interest with the captains parrot telling everyone how he was performing his tricks.

After a few weeks into the course, the ship breaks down and sinks in the ocean. The magician makes it out alive and holds onto a scrap of wood not to drown. Unfortunately the parrot was also using the same scrap to survive.
A few days go past and the parrot finally looks to the magician and says, "You know what? I give up! How did you make the ship disappear?"

Did you hear about the Jewish kamikaze pilot?

He crashed his plane onto his brothers scrap metal yard.

Tom used to pick up scrap metal. Then the police started an investigation to find out why.

It turned out that he was a forger. Makes cents.

Scrap joke, Tom used to pick up scrap metal. Then the police started an investigation to find out why.

What was Dr. Frankenstein's dog's name?


The other day while scuba diving for seafood it dawned on me that everytime I saw a crab or lobster with a scrap of food, it was frantically seaching for a place to hide so it could eat alone. Then I thought to myself,

that's shellfish.

If you cut yourself on a cheese grater

It probably is for the grater good...

scrap that joke, it's too cheesy.

Why do scrap salvagers like cheese so much?

Because they sort through de-brie to earn some cheddar.

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What do you get if you scrape off all of Tammy Faye Bakker's makeup?

Jimmy Hoffa

What did the bartender say to the scrap lumber?

Your cutoff

If I owned a scrap yard, I'd go to the rival scrap yard...

...and take the "S" off their sign.

I was scraping a window at my Grandma's house....

I then thought up a joke for my mom to hear it was "This window scraping stuff is a pane in the glass!"
She laughed :)

Did you hear about the electrician who bought a Camaro using money he got from scrap wire?

He really crimped and saved

Scrap joke, Did you hear about the electrician who bought a Camaro using money he got from scrap wire?

What do you call a rabbi that you scrap off your shoe?

Resi-jew. I'm so sorry.

Why was a piece of scrap metal liked by everyone?

Because it was ex-scythe-thing.

Did you hear about the piece of scrap wood?

He went to BOARDing school and applyed (applied) to college.

I've found a new genre of music. It's a combination of heavy rock n' roll, hip hop, and folk music.

I call it Scrap Metal.

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