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  1. I decided to have scrambled eggs this morning... Immediately after thinking "I'll just flip this omelette."
  2. Do egg jokes crack you up? Or do they make you scramble away... omelette you think about it...
  3. My step sis asked me to bring her something hard to write on... Idk why she's so mad, it's really hard to write on scrambled eggs.
  4. Guy who hasn't seen his Girlfriend since lock-down, phoned her. Guy: Hi babe hows the diet going.?
    Her: Not good, I had eggs for breakfast.
    Guy: Scrambled.?
    Her: No, Cadbury's.
  5. Do you like eggs? I have them in the morning with my toast.
    Sometimes sunny side up, sometimes scrambled, sometimes over easy.
    I think they're eggsellent.
  6. Teacher: You should wash your face in the morning "I can tell what you had for breakfast. You ate scrambled eggs"
    Student; "Haha, you're wrong, sir. I ate eggs yesterday".
  7. I really like my eggs over-easy. Today, I was gonna try them scrambled... ...but it's not worth the whisk.
  8. I love sunny side up eggs. But no matter how far in advance I plan to make one... ...I always wind up scrambling at the last minute.
  9. What's the solar system's favorite type of egg scramble? Sunny-Side up…
    I couldn't resist
  10. Most people like their eggs fried or scrambled, I like mine baked... in cookies, brownies and cake.

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Scrambled Eggs One Liners

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  1. What do you call this? esgg
    Scrambled eggs.
  2. Two eggs were talking in secret codes until they were scrambled
  3. Sgeg Anyone for scrambled eggs?
  4. I've never made scrambled eggs before but I thought I'd wisk it.
  5. What is white, loud, and ruins your scrambled egg? An avalanche.
  6. I can never find a good channel where people boil eggs They're always scrambled
  7. How is your diet going? "Horrible. I had eggs for breakfast."
  8. I'm starting a new abortion clinic and naming it... Scrambled Eggs.
  9. How did the egg get up the mountain? It scrambled up!
  10. S G E G Scrambled Eggs.
  11. What do you call it when a woman mixes up her ovaries? Scrambled eggs
  12. What did the eggs say when the cops showed up? Everybody scramble!
  13. Our breakfast is GEGS. Scrambled EGGS
  14. I was going to make an egg joke, but..... I couldn't scramble one up.
  15. Why did the chicken get an abortion? She wanted scrambled eggs.

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Chuck Norris put humpty dumpty back together again, only to roundhouse kick him in the face.

Later Chuck dined on scrambled eggs with all the king's horses and all the king's men.
The king himself could not attend for unspecified reasons.
Coincidentally, the autopsoy revealed the cause of death to be a roundhouse kick to the face.
There is only one King.

Man visits India and meets an old man in the town square who is renowned for his elephantine memory.

He asks the old man what he had for breakfast on the same day 15 years back.
"Eggs," replies the old man, the man scoffs at this saying everyone has eggs for breakfast and walks away.
Ten years later he returns to India and sees the same old man on the same spot, goes to him and asks, "How?"
The old man takes one look at his face and replies, "Scrambled."

What does the dish scrambled eggs and brains have in common? Ignorant people!

There are approximately 45 seconds between "

I'll make us an omelet" and "We're having scrambled eggs.

Perfect memory

A man is driving cross country and pulls into a rest stop. As he's about to leave a traveling side show gets out of their truck. The bearded lady, the midget, the guy tattooed to look like a tiger all file out and head into the rest stop and an old Indian stays behind.
The man walks up to the Indian and says "what's your bit, you look totally normal."
"I have perfect memory. Ask me anything."
"Alright. What did you have for breakfast June 17, 1983?"
Satisfied with the answer the man walks back to his car and drives off.
A few years later he's at a circus and he sees the same side-show. He seeks out the old Indian and greets him by saying "How"

The Indian with a great memory

When I was a kid, everyone all over the country would come to visit the Indian reservation to meet one person. He was the only man in the world to have a perfect memory, but people were only allowed to ask one question. My family decided to go visit him for ourselves, and when we got there I had the perfect question.
"Excuse me sir, what did you have for breakfast when you were 15 years old?"
He replied, "Eggs." and that was that. I was disappointed by his answer, but there was nothing I could do.
Ten years later I recognized the man sitting by himself in a park. I walked up to him, held my hand up with the palm up, and said "How". He said "Scrambled."

There was a guy on a road trip who stopped at a rest stop at an Indian reservation

While paying for his items he asked that clerk about a strange man standing out front. The cashier said that's Running Wolf, he remembers everything. On his way out the man deciding to try out the Indians memory asks him what he had for breakfast. The Indian replies "Eggs". The man is slightly impressed but decides he has no better questions and leaves. Years latter the man unknowingly stops at the same rest stop and when he sees an old Indian man he greets him by saying "How". The Indian replies "Scrambled".

A man and his memories

A man was going on vacation for the first time in 20 years. He is very grumpy becuase he has not been off of work in a long time. So he is driving down the highway, and he sees an advertisement for a free chance to meet an Indian man who claims that he can tell you one of your most distant memories. He doesnt beleive it and continues driving. Soon, he pulls over for gas, and as he fills up, he sees the tee-pee that the old Indian man was living in. He figures since he has already stopped, he should go over and check it out. He walks over and enters. Without so much as a simple "Hello", he blurts out "What did I have for breakfast 20 years ago?" The Indian folds his arms and concentrates. After a few seconds, he shouts out "EGGS!" The grumpy man snorts and says, "how would you know what I ate for breakfast 20 years ago?!" and storms out laughing.
10 years past, and the man is driving down the same highway going on another vacation. He sees the old tee-pee and pulls over. He thought to himself "I was pretty mean to the guy all those years ago, maybe I will go and apologize" He also figures he will try some of the Indians' native language. He knows that this particular language has "Hi" being said "How". So he walks in and aproaches the old Indian man saying "How" The Indian man folds his arms and thinks. Confused, the other man just stands there and waits for him to say hi back. After a few seconds, the old Indian yells out "SCRAMBLED!"

A father-son hike

A Father and his son are hiking in the grand canyon. The go around some bends, over some hills, and through some nooks. They round the bend and see a native american sitting on a rock.
The father points to the native american and says, son, native americans have the best memory of any peoples in the world
The young son thinks he's quite the smart one and goes up to the native american and says, What did you have for breakfast last tuesday.
Without hesitation the Native American responds, eggs. The son is impressed and goes on with the hike with his father.
30 years later the son is now a grown man, and is hiking the same trail with his own son. He goes around the same bends, over the same hills, and lo and behold, rounds the corner and there is that same native american on the same rock.
He's an older wiser man now, and will really test this native american. He walks up, raises his hand in greeting and says HOW
Native American responds, Scrambled.

What do you call whisked s**...?

Scrambled egg.

A man is driving through the desert when he notices a sign.

The sign reads "Turn here to speak to the native American with the most incredible memory"
Curious, the man takes the turning. He comes across the native American man standing at the side of the road.
He approaches him and gives his best "How!"
The native American replies "How!"
"Is your memory really as good as the sign suggests?" asks the man.
"Try me" replies the native American.
"Okay, what did you have for breakfast on July 18th 1986?"
The native American thinks for a moment and then replies, "Eggs."
Amazed, the man thanks the native American and gets back in his car and continues his journey.
15 years later, he is travelling through the same desert and notices the same sign. Having forgotten all about the native American until seeing the sign, he decides to go ask another question.
Upon reaching the native American, he again gives his best "How!"

The Indian That Never Forgets

Once a man was traveling through the west on vacation, when he saw a sign that said, "Meet the Indian Who Never Forgets, Next Exit". Well, being curious, the man stops at the attraction to see the Indian. He asks the man, "What did you have for breakfast on June 9, 1978?" The Indian replies "Eggs!"
Well, everyone has eggs for breakfast, this guy is a charlatan, the man thinks.
The man tells his friend about the experience, and his friend replies "That's disrespectful, you should greet an indian in their native language. Next time instead of "Hi" say "How".
10 years later, the same man is on vacation again, and sees the sign for the Indian again. He thinks what the heck, I'll stop in and see him.
Remembering his friend's advice, when the man approaches the Indian, he holds up his hand and says, "How!"
The Indian replies, "Scrambled."

What is a t**...'s favorite food?

Scrambled egg

Cowboy and the memorizing Indian

A cowboy walks into a saloon. The bartender says "Hey, wanna see something really interesting? That Indian over in the corner can remember ANYTHING. If you ask him anything about his life, he'll remember the answer." Cowboy thinks that sounds pretty cool, so he wanders over to the ancient Indian, sitting alone in the corner. He says "So chief, what did you eat for breakfast last Tuesday?" The Indian stares at him for a long moment before replying "eggs". The cowboy thinks "He could just be making that up." But he doesn't really care, and wanders away. The cowboy strikes it rich, finds a ton of gold, and returns to town a wealthy man. He goes back into the saloon and sees the same Indian sitting in the same corner. He gets a little loaded, and feeling like a big man, he swaggers over to the Indian and says "HOW". The Indian stares at him for a long moment before replying "Scrambled."

A man meets a Native American with flawless memory...

When he meets this Native American Chief he notices he is older than most.
He asks the Chief many questions, and the Chief replies flawlessly to each one.
Then he thinks of a random date and asks the Chief, "What did you eat on October 18, 1987?" The Chief replies "Eggs".
He leaves the Chief and goes home. A year later he meets the Chief again. Feeling respectful he approaches the Chief, and says "How" and the Chief says, "Scrambled!"

How does ISIL prefer their eggs?

Sunni side up at first. But they always end up scrambled.

Schrödinger's Omlette

Up until you flip the omelette, you don't know if it's an omelette or scrambled eggs.
If it flips, omelette it is
If it doesn't, scrambled it is

What did the hen say when she saw the scrambled eggs?

My poor, mixed-up kids...

A boy goes to the circus

and one of the sideshows is a tent that says "Man Who Remembers Everything." Intrigued, the boy goes inside and sees an old Native American man sitting on the ground. He approaches the man and asks, "If you remember everything, what did you have for breakfast exactly three weeks ago?"
Without hesitation, the man responds, "Eggs." The boy is sufficiently impressed and leaves to enjoy the rest of the circus.
Many years later, the boy has grown up, gotten married, and had children. One day he takes his family to the circus and is shocked to see the Man Who Remembers Everything is still there. He brings his family into the tent, and there is the same old man sitting on the ground.
Excited to see the old man again, he walks up and greets him, "How!"
The old man looks into his eyes and replies, "Scrambled."

An egg voted to leave the omelet..

and then.. it.. did..
yeah, sorry its just too scrambled.
there's no way to get a good yolk out of this mess..

Let me just turn this omelette over

Honey, your scrambled eggs are ready!

I made scrambled huevos today that are so light and fluffy an insect could use them as a boat.

In other words, egg-sail-ant.

I was in a big hurry today.

So I scrambled to make eggs for breakfast.

A man walks into a diner for breakfast...

He asks to look at the special. The waitress tells him the special is chicken tongue. Horrified, the man says "I would never eat something that came out of a chicken's mouth!"
"Fine," says the waitress, "What'll you have?"
The man replies, "Two scrambled eggs please."

He said: How's the diet going?

He said: How's the diet going?
She said: not so good, I had eggs for breakfast.
He said: scrambled?
She said : Cadbury's

A man and his family walk into a bar...

Inside of the bar, the man's youngest child sees a Native American sitting under a sign stating "World's longest memory". The child walks up to sign and decides to test if this sign is true. The child asks "What did you have for breakfast 30 years ago?" The Native American states "eggs." The child states that the native could have just made that up, and then later leaves the bar.
Years later, when the child returns back with his own family he sees the same native at the bar. Walking up to the man, he states a stereotypical "how!" The Native replies "scrambled."

What did John Lennon say when his eggs over easy accidentially became scrambled?

Yolk oh OH NO!!!

Where's the best place to get scrambled eggs?

An abortion clinic

What can you expect from a bad egg comedian?

He's constantly scrambling to fry and crack you up with some "egg-celent" yolk, but boil boy are they bad.

My gynecologist...

Scrambles the best eggs!


A tourist was introduced to an Indian in New Mexico, who was said to have a perfect memory. Skeptically, the tourist asked, "What did you have for breakfast on September 10, 1943?"
The Indian answered, "Eggs."
The man scoffed, "Everyone eats eggs for breakfast. He's a phony. "
Thirteen years later, the traveller's train stopped again in the small New Mexico town, and he saw the same Indian sitting on the train platform. The tourist went up to him and said jovially, "How!"
The Indian answered, "Scrambled."

A caterer was sprinting down the hallway with a pan of scrambled eggs. My first instinct repsonse:

"I hope they like their eggs runny"

Indian Memory man

Once a man was traveling through the west on vacation, when he saw a sign that said, "Meet the Indian Who Never Forgets, Next Exit". Well, being curious, the man stops at the attraction to see the Indian. He asks the man, "What did you have for breakfast on June 9, 1978?" The Indian replies "Eggs!"
Well, everyone has eggs for breakfast, this guy is a charlatan, the man thinks.
10 years later, the same man is on vacation again, and sees the sign for the Indian again. He thinks what the heck, I'll stop in and see him.
When the man approaches the Indian, he holds up his hand and says, "How!"
The Indian replies, "Scrambled."

Not many people know that you're supposed to scramble brown eggs differently than you do white ones

It's different strokes for different yolks

I have been a vegan for my whole life, but after my friends kept urging me to eat scrambled eggs, i finally did.

Tbh it wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

I have a secret.

I speak egg language.
But it is a little scrambled

My wife asked me if I was good at making scrambled eggs.

"Yes," I replied, "I worked at an abortion clinic for a while."

What did the spoiled egg say to the scrambled egg?

Boilt egggg: Yo looks a mess!
Scramble ehg: boi

Indian who remembers everything

A man was driving on his way to a business meeting amd had free time. He seen a billboard that said "Indian who remembers everything. Take next right."
The man decides to a pulls up. He sees and old Indian man sitting in front of a camper in a lawn chair. He walks up to him "how" and raises his hand
The Indian rolls his eyes and said "what would you like to know?"
"What did I have for breakfast ten years ago?"
"That's easy. Eggs."
"No, anyone could have guessed this. This is bull." And the man drove off.
Ten years later he's driving by and sees the sign. He can't believe the old man is still alive. He pulls up and walks over. "How"

When a member of certain religious fraternities eats scrambled eggs.

It goes out of the frying pan and into the friar.

A joke about eggs

An egg soldier is on a battlefield, trying to make contact with the egg commander.
"Sir, can you hear me?"
"Yes but there's a large amount of static on your end."
"Just as I thought."
"What do you mean, corporal?"
"Our communications have been scrambled."

A tourist decides to visit a native American Chief who is famous for his perfect memory.

"Okay, Chief..." says the tourist,
"Let's test that memory of yours. What did you eat for breakfast on May 9th, 1972?"
The Chief thinks for a moment, and responds "Eggs."
The tourist replies, "Wow, that's incredible! You really do have a perfect memory." and leaves.

Ten years later the tourist finds himself in the Chief's neck of the woods and decides to pay him a visit.
He enters the Chief's home and respectfully greets him, saying "Hau, Chief."
The Chief promptly replies, "Scrambled."

A man sat down in a restaurant and the waiter came over to the table.

The man says, "I'd like tomato juice, scrambled eggs with spinach, and some cherry pie."
"But you haven't looked at the menu yet," said the waiter.
"No, but I've looked at the tablecloth," replies the man.

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