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Do egg jokes crack you up? Or do they make you scramble away...

omelette you think about it...

Why do Japanese hate bingo?

They all scramble for cover when you call B-29

Know why you can't play bingo with Japanese people

They all scramble for cover when you call B-29.

What's the solar system's favorite type of egg scramble?

Sunny-Side up…

I couldn't resist

What popular board game do dyslexics hate?


How do you scramble a female cat?

You whisker.


Scrambled Eggs.

Scramble joke, S G E G

It's very difficult to gather mushrooms in Chernobyl

they scramble in all directions when you walk up to them.

What did the eggs say when the cops showed up?

Everybody scramble!

I was going to make an egg joke, but.....

I couldn't scramble one up.

What did the spoiled egg say to the scrambled egg?

Boilt egggg: Yo looks a mess!

Scramble ehg: boi

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my wife had a tantrum while we was playing scramble,

She threw a G at me,

then a N

followed by a B

and lastly the A hit me in the forehead.

I thought to my self thats bang out of order.

Not many people know that you're supposed to scramble brown eggs differently than you do white ones

It's different strokes for different yolks

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