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  1. Scots vs English Why do Scotsman wear kilts? Cause sheep can hear a zipper at 50 yards.
    Why do the English wear trousers? Cause goats are deaf.
  2. What's the difference between a Scotsman that's vegan and one that's not? The vegan *makes love* to the sheep.
  3. Why do Scotsman wear kilts? So the sheep don't hear their zippers as they sneak up behind them
  4. How many sheep? Does it take to make a sweater?
    As a Scotsman, it only takes The Right Sheep, to make me, a sweater.
  5. A Scotsman invented the first c**.... It was made out of a sheep's intestine. Not too long after, the British improved on it by first removing the intestine from the sheep.
  6. So a Scottish man is talking to his angry girlfriend.... She goes, "How many other girls have you had s**... with?" The Scotsman starts counting in his head, but after the 12th sheep, he falls asleep.

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  1. How does a Scotsman find a sheep in tall grass? Very satisfying.
  2. Why do Scotsman wear kilts? Because sheep can hear a zipper a mile away.
  3. Why do Scotsman wear kilts? Sheep can hear a zipper from a kilometer away.
  4. Why does the Scotsman wear a kilt? Because a sheep can hear a zipper from a mile away.
  5. How did the Scotsman find his sheep in the tall grass? Delightful.

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How does a Scotsman find a sheep in the tall grass?

Very satisfying.
Retweaked joke:
How does a (insert nationality here) find a sheep in the tall grass?
Very (insert extremely lustful emotion here)!

A Scotsman is tending his flock of sheep... (long)

when he decides to take a nap under a nearby tree.
After he falls asleep, a young woman walking on a nearby road decides to play a joke on him.
She lifts up his kilt, takes a ribbon from her hair, ties it around his manhood, and leaves with a giggle.
After awhile the Scotsman wakes up and walks over by the bushes to take a wee.
He lifts up his kilt and is amazed to see a bright blue ribbon tied around his manhood.
without skipping a beat he says "well I don't know where you've been laddie, but I can see you won first prize!"

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