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I had this problem where the cap wouldn't stay on my whiskey bottle.

So I fixed it with scotch tape.

What do you call a cassette single of The Proclaimers' hit "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)"?

Scotch tape.

My band director wanted to throw a "taping" party to organize our sheets of music.

I told him that I'll bring the Scotch.

I was concerned about the FBI spying on me through my webcam..

So I put a piece of scotch tape on it.

What is Tape's favorite drink?


A man walks into a bar and asks for a surprise. The bartender pulls out some ice and a roll of tape.

The man asks: what are you making?
The bartender replies: Scotch on the rocks, bud

I was taken hostage the other day. My captors taped me up.

I got away scotch free!

"Your finest Scotch, please."
"Yes, sir," the guy at Staples says as he hands me a 12 year old roll of tape.

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