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what do you call a cruise full of college graduates?

(a Scholar-ship)

I spent my children's college fund on a boat...

I'm going to call it the scholarship.

As a broke college student, do you know what the best vehicle to have is?

A scholarSHIP.

I'm sorry.

I lost my college football scholarship in the very first game this weekend, for pulling a groin.

Not mine, someone else's.

Why was Jimmy so excited to go to Clown College?

He got a fool scholarship.

True story

Son: I got my college acceptance letter, and they're giving me a $3,000 scholarship!

Mom: You did? What for?

Son: Community service!

Mom: Do they know a judge told you that you had to do it?

Did you hear about the inner city kid who got that track scholarship?

He overcame many hurdles.

Scholarship joke, Did you hear about the inner city kid who got that track scholarship?

I was at a scholarship ceremony, and after listening to awards given for diversity, I left the room, crying. When someone asked me if I was okay, I responded....

"I'm all-white."

My friends are real jerks. I was excited to text that I landed a full scholarship to the Southern Tennessee Forensics University

And they all wrote back STFU.

What's better then Relationship.?


What did the white high school dropout get for his birthday?

A legacy scholarship for his second choice school

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Where's the best place to get a "roads scholarship"?

two lane University

A barber applied for a scholarship at the barber's academy

He didn't make the cut

What do you call a vessel full of academics?

A scholarship

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