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  1. While playing w/ kids, I almost slipped and made loud noises Wife rushed to the scene, found out it's me. Thank God it's you! Then she turned around to continue laundry.
  2. Why do kissing scenes in nearly every show have to use the soundtrack from a toddler slurping jello off of a plastic plate?
  3. Why do h**... kids wear camouflage? Because they don't want to be scene.
    If you were in high school in the mid 2000s, you get it.

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  1. The scene kid cut open the undercooked loaf of bread. It's rawr XD
  2. What does the emo scene kid say? I just want to hair.
  3. What's a scene kids favorite number? CX

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A 4th grade '49ers fan in Dallas

The scene is a 4th grade classroom in Dallas, Texas. The teacher asks for a show of hands:
"Hey kids, how many of you are Dallas Cowboys fans?"
Everyone in the class raises their hand, except for little Suzy. The teacher says:
"Little Suzy, I notice you didn't raise your hand. Why is that?" Little Suzy responds:
"Because I'm a 49ers fan!"
"A 49ers fan?," the teacher asks incredulously, "Why on Earth are you a 49ers fan?"
"Because my Mommy is a 49ers fan, my Daddy is a 49ers fan, so I'm a 49ers fan."
The teacher doesn't like Suzy's answer:
"Little Suzy, that's no kind of logic. What if your Daddy was a drug dealer and your Mommy was a p**...?"
Suzy doesn't blink an eye:
"Well then I'd be a Raiders fan!"

Three kids are in a park with their father

The first child approaches the father and asks,
"Dad, why am I named Dandy?"
Father responds,
"Because a dandelion fell on your head when you were born."
Second kid comes up and asks
"Dad, why am I named Rose?"
Dad responds,
"Because a rose fell on your head when you were born."
Third kid runs up screaming,

Dad gets up and shouts at the third one, causing a scene,


Scene: With a patient in my medical exam room
Me: How old are your kids?
Patient: Forty-four and 39 from my wife who passed away, and from my second wife, 15 and 13.
Me: That's quite the age difference!
Patient: Well, the older ones didn't give me any grandkids, so I made my own

One time, the parents went out to dinner.

The sitter called and asked if she could cover the creepy clown statue in the kid's room.
The dad said: "Get out of the house. Call the police. We don't have a clown statue!"
By the time police arrived the scene, they found they did have a clown statue and the dad had alzheimer's.

A drunk white guy swerves and hits 2 black teens walking down the sidewalk

One went through the windshield, the other was flung 50 yards away.
When the police show up, they charge the first kid with breaking and entering and the other with fleeing the scene of a crime.