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Brexit's Worst-Case Scenario:

Brexit to be followed by Grexit. Departugal. Italeave. Fruckoff. Czechout. Oustria. Finish. Slovlong. Latervia. Byegium.. until EU reach the state of Germlonely.

Breaking news: Germany is advising people to stock up on sausages and cheese.

This is starting to look like the Wurst Kรคse scenario.

Germany is now advising people to stock up on cheese and sausages.

They are calling it the wurst kรคse scenario.

Scenario joke, Germany is now advising people to stock up on cheese and sausages.

A man tried smuggling sausage and vodka out of Europe and his suitcase caught fire and they had to evacuate the plane.

The whole event was pretty terrible.

It was the Absolut-wurst-case scenario.

I have some sausage and cheese for emergencies...

But I will only use them in a wurst kรคse scenario

Why do Germans fear hotdogs with cheese?

Because for them, it is a Wurst-Kรคse scenario.

A German was packing his luggage for holiday when his wife interrupts him...

"I hope you're not going to bring sausages again", she said, "They exploded everywhere last time and caused a frightful scene!"

"It'll be fine", He said, "Stop worrying about the wurst case scenario".

Scenario joke, A German was packing his luggage for holiday when his wife interrupts him...

A week after my wife went missing, the police told me that I should expect the worst case scenario.

So I went back to the charity shop and retrieved all her old clothes.

Germany is telling its citizens to stock up on sausages and cheese as fear of COVID grows.

It's the wurst-kase scenario.

A vegan was flying to Germany and discovered the airline had forgotten his special meal. He had no choice but to eat the only meal available: sausage and cheese.

It was a Wurst-Kรคse scenario.

They're closing sausage factories in Germany

They're calling it the wurst case scenario.

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Always leave the top down in a convertible, even in the rain

Worst case scenario, you get to use the car pool lane.

If you ever wanna have raw sex, have it with an anti-vax believer

Worst case scenario, you pay child support for 5 years instead of 18

I was packing my luggage with German sausage, when my wife told me, "Don't overfill it. Last time it exploded in the airport and you caused a scene".

"Dont be silly", I said, "you're always thinking of the wurst case scenario".

In Germany everybody is panic buying sausages and cheese.

Apparently it's the wurst kรคse scenario.

Q: What did the judge say about the man shot twelve times by the police?

A: The most horrific suicide scenario I have ever heard of.

Scenario joke, Q: What did the judge say about the man shot twelve times by the police?

I was invited to a banquet in Germany, but all they served was sausage and cheese.

And that felt like the wurst kรคse scenario...

A German guy making snacks...

is the Wurst-Kรคse scenario...

I don't look both ways when crossing the road...

Worst case scenario, I live.

What if you were stuck in a sausage skin?

That would really be a wurst case scenario.

In war scenario where Russia takes Turkey from behind...

do you think Greece would help?

If you are a 90s kid-you say I love my gaming system! Your friend says Then why don't you marry it? You say Super! I will! What day is this scenario most likely to occur?


You might as well shoot for the stars because...

Best case scenario you succeed and are immediately vaporized into nothing. Worst case scenario you miss and fade into the endless void of nothing.

Awkward silence

Scenario: Jack is standing on Las Vegas strip asking all the passing by girls, you know for what.

Jack: 50 dollars.

Everyone ignoring. And suddenly...

Girl: How about 500?

Jack: 500? Sure.

Went to hotel and had amazing sex. And after sex...

Jack: Wow that was great. So how would you like to pay?

Awkward silence!!!

I was lost wandering by foot in Germany after my car broke down..

... When I came across a party where they were serving cheese and sausages. I suppose you could call it a wurst-Kรคse scenario.

A girl hit on me at the bar. It could have been an XXX scenario.

But she also had an L at the end.

So I had to put German food in a container one time...

It was a real wurst case scenario

I thought I'd surprise my new girlfriend after a recent movie talk we had. So, tonight when she came over, I had a Pornhub movie with a prostitute scenario on. She saw it, told me to never talk to her again, and stormed out.

I am starting to think she told me she likes horror movies ...

Fritz was planning a holiday to England

but was worried that he might not like the food. He decided to take some of his own supplies with him from Bavaria, for the wurst kรคs scenario.

I wonder if the views of a color blind person depend on the circumstances of the scenario

Or if they just see the world in black and white.

Why is it against the law for Nick Foles to have the flu?

Because that's an ill eagle scenario

In any given scenario, there's always two sides to a coin.

Heads and Tails.

Do you know what is De'Worst case scenario ?

wife came with a lawyer.

Today, I got lit, went to Denny's, ordered a t-bone & eggs, and scarfed it all downโ€ฆ

I guess you could sayโ€ฆ it was a "high-steaks" scenario.

The EU referendum

I liken the EU referendum to being in a pitch black room with two men in a mandatory rape scenario with both of them telling you theirs is the smallest.

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