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Do you know why Bill Clinton played the saxophone?

Because he lost his whoremonica

Friend 1: Did you know that I had taken up story-writing as a career?

Friend 2: No, sold anything yet?
Friend 1: Yes, my watch, my saxophone, and my overcoat.

Did you hear about the two friends who pooled their money to buy a brand new saxophone?

They recently entered into a same-sax relationship.

In Self Defense

Tenant - "I simply won't stay here any longer. Those people above me banged on the floor early this morning, slammed doors, and jumped up and down as hard as they could. I won't stand it, I tell you!"

Landlady - "They woke you up, I suppose?"

Tenant - "No, I hadn't gone to bed yet. I was practicing on my saxophone."

Source: 1933 Newspaper

What do you call a British person playing a saxophone?

An Anglo Saxin'

A guy walks up to a musician...

"You ok?" He asks?
"Yeah." The musician responds, "Just thirsty."
"There's a vending machine with some water over there if you need it."
"Yeah I tried it... It only accepts ones."
The musician opens a suitcase next to him, revealing a saxophone.

"I only got a tenor on me."

What's the difference between a saxophone and a chain saw?

You can tune a chain saw.

Alternate answer: vibrato.

Saxophone joke, What's the difference between a saxophone and a chain saw?

Why did the saxophone player have to go to anger management?

He had a bad ALTOtude problem.

What do you call a phone that plays music?

A saxophone

What did Hillary Clinton say when Bill wanted a new Saxophone

"Not until you get rid of that HarMonica."

What do you do when your dog has the blues?

Give it a saxophone.

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I told my girlfriend she'd get Sax lessons for her birthday

Offended she asked: "s**... lessons? Isn't it good enough?".

"Oh no honey, I meant the saxophone.

So you can finally learn how to blow."

10 saxophone players blew up a theatre...

authorities are on the lookout for the tenorists.

Sad saxophone solo

The policeman takes back his breathalyzer

\-How did you do that?

Did you hear the Bill Clinton has given up the saxophone?

He traded it for the hormonica.

Why are the saxophone afraid of the t**...?

Because the t**... is a sax offender.

Saxophone joke, Why are the saxophone afraid of the t**...?

Where would voldemort play if he played the saxophone?


Oh god, someone stole my saxophone!

It's grand theft alto!

What did the saxophone player say at the p**... convention?

Who wants to have some sax? No strings attached!

Why doesn't the saxophone like Taylor Swift?

If playing the saxophone makes you saxy

then does playing your mom makes me your dad?

My friend told me he hooked up with a saxophone.

It wasn't serious, it was just a one night music stand.

I'm not saying I got too excited when I kissed that saxophone player...

But I jazzed in my pants.

Did you hear about about the guy who threw his saxophone at someone?

He was arrested for saxual harassment.

What do you call a fake saxophone?

A saxophony!

What's the most important part of learning to play the saxophone?

Practicing safe sax.

Saxophone joke, What's the most important part of learning to play the saxophone?

Why are saxophones never allowed on airplanes?

They are always sharp.

What's the difference between a saxophone and an onion?

You don't cry when you cut up a saxophone.

Happy Saxophone Day

Why this musical abomination deserves its own day is beyond me.

What did the saxophone teacher say to his student?

You have learned well young brasshopper.

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