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Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris and Stuart Hall walk into a pub in Ireland

The barman says "Not Yewtree again"

Using a pencil to vote in the 2015 General Election...

As safe an option as letting Jimmy Saville volunteer in a Kids Hospital.

So Jeremy Clarkson's politically incorrect jokes got him fired from the BBC.

Great to see the institution which gave Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris jobs for decades is really going after the bad people society.

First Jimmy Saville, and now Margaret Thatcher...

It's been a good couple of months for miners.

It's about time the news got over Jimmy Saville

I mean, he done a few bad things though he done his part for charity. Let the guy rape in peace for god sake.

What do Margaret Thatcher and Jimmy Saville have in common?

They both like shafting miners

My parents used to listen to jimmy saville back in the seventies

If only they had come into my room and stopped him.

What's do Margaret Thatcher and Jimmy Saville have in common?

They both like shafting miners

credit to u/the_real_ben_shapiro

[NSFW] I don't see why some people have so much hate for Jimmy Saville...

... he seems like a pretty considerate guy. I mean, everybody is always talking about all the little things he's done.

What do you call a hairdresser with a penchant for opera and paedophilia?

The barber of Saville.

What do you call 10 crying kids standing in a line?

Saville Row

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I heard reports of a white haired man in a strange outfit going around emptying his sack in children's bedrooms across the country.

Which is crazy because I heard Jimmy Saville was dead.

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