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My wife's a terrible cook, she can never get her sauces right!

But I've stuck with her, through thick and thin.


Heinz have altered one of their spicier sauces.

It's a remustard version.


My mayonnaise is trying kill me...

...or so my sauces tell me...


What did the journalist say when someone asked her for some ketchup?

"Sorry, I don't give up my sauces."


{Need joke help} Valentines/BBQ puns

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post!

I got my SO some fancy BBQ sauces for valentines day and want to replace the labels with funny or valentine's themed names. Id love it if you could help me think of some!


Two Sauces

A jar of salsa walks up to a bottle of soy sauce and says, "yo soy sauce"


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