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Funniest Sandwich Love Short Jokes

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  1. My mother used to always say "give your food a rinse before you eat it." Lovely woman. Terrible sandwiches.
  2. I think i just wrote a joke out of my pathetic love life while fixing supper and here it goes. What does a bachelor eat the most? Balonely sandwiches.
  3. Does anyone else love thick sandwiches with three slices of bread and two layers of filling? We should make a club.
  4. I love in horror movies how the person yells out "Hello?!" as if the killer is gonna say "Yeah I'm in the kitchen, want a sandwich?"
  5. Subway makes all their sandwiches with love. Now if they would actually put some meat in them...
  6. I'll have a club sandwich on rye. Hold the mayo. Cuddle the mustard. Whisper soft words of confidence to the lettuce. Make love to the onion
  7. I love how in horror movies the person will ask, "Is anyone there?" As if the killer would say "Oh yeah I'm in the kitchen. Want a sandwich?"

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Sandwich Love One Liners

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  1. why do people from Alabama love sandwiches? they like things that are inbread
  2. I want a love like out of a Disney song. Where we finish each others sandwiches.
  3. Why do geologists love sandwiches in the field? Because they can get their whole grains.
  4. Why do Jews love sandwiches? Because they're not made in ovens.
  5. Why do r**... love sandwiches? Because they're i**... too.

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I saw a girl and I wrote my number on a dollar.

I went to her and I dropped the dollar then I said: "Sorry to bother you, but this dropped from you."
But the s**... girl went and bought a sandwich with the dollar.
The problem is not here, but the problem is that the sandwich seller is texting me till midnight saying: "Did you love the sandwich beautiful?"

Little Johnny and classmates are asked to bring an edible item to the classroom...

"So, Mary, what did you bring today?", the teacher asks.
"An apple. We love apples at home."
"Great, what about you, Annie?"
"I brought a PB & Jelly sandwich. It's so yummy!"
"Everybody loves those... and you, what did you bring today?"
Little Johnny opens his backpack and grabs a light bulb.
"Johnny, why did you bring a light bulb? That's not an edible item..." says the teacher.
"Well, not in your home. But yesterday night I heard my dad tell my mom 'turn the light off. Now you're going to s**... it.'"

The Three Construction Workers

Three construction workers were at lunch one day, a Mexican, an Italian, and a Blonde man. While eating, the Mexican says "I love my wife, but if she makes me one more burrito for lunch, I swear I will jump off this building!" The Italian man joins in as well "I agree, my friend, I have been eating her pizza every day for 10 years! I will join you if my wife makes me this for lunch again!" Then the Blonde man pipes in, saying "Me too! I don't want another bologna sandwich, so count me in!"
The next day, sure enough the Mexican man gets his burrito, the Italian his pizza and the Blonde a bologna sandwich. So they wrote a note, and in unison, keeping with their oath they hurl themselves off the top of the skyscraper!
At the f**..., the wives of the Mexican man and the Italian man were both very sad, wishing they had known they could have prevented their deaths. But the blonde mans wife was upset like the others, so they asked her why she wasn't sad. She responded "Hey, don't look at me. He made his own lunch."