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Did you know that sandals were invented by a Frenchman?

His name was Philippe Filoppe.

I invented a sandal for people with one leg.

It was a flop.

I threw my sandal at the light switch to turn it off, but I missed..

It was a complete flip - flop

Sandal joke, I threw my sandal at the light switch to turn it off, but I missed..

Did you hear about the company's idea for a giant sandal?

Turned out to be a massive flop.

There are too many toeless shoes.

It's more than I can sandal.

Florida lawmaker Randall Thompson is forced to resign after it is revealed he spent taxpayer money on expensive footwear for his wife.

I guess Randall mishandled his panhandle sandal scandal.

I just booked a vacation at the Sandal Resort and Spa

It's the singles version of Sandals.

Sandal joke, I just booked a vacation at the Sandal Resort and Spa

My mother came back from the beach

I noticed she only had one sandal on and asked " hey mom did you lose a sandal?" she replied with a smile on her face "Nope, I found one"

My boss gave the sandal...

Because I didn't mess up enough yet to get the boot.

Went to the shoe store and there were too many shoes.

It was more than I could sandal.

What do you get when you combine a feminine wig and a leather sandal?

A Mirkinstock.

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What do you call a single sandal?

A flop

I've got too many shoes

It's to much to sandal

What is Titus Pullo's Sandal Size?


I'm the guy who invented the sandal for people with only one leg.

It was a flop.

Credit to 'flaggon' from sikipedia

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