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I just read a long article about Japanese sword fighters.

If you want, I can samurais it for you.


Three samurai warriors where discussing who was the master of the sword...

As the debate heated up a fly is flying around the room.

The first samurai quickly draws his sword and chops it in two, the other two are not impressed. Another fly enters the room. The second samurai even faster than the first swing his sword and chops the wings off and the fly continues on. A third fly unfortunately finds its way in the room. Quick as lightning the third samurai draws his sword and swings. The fly continues on its way as if nothing happened. The other samurais starts laughing. With quiet dignity he puts his sword away and turns to the and says.

"Laugh all you will, but that fly will never be a dad again."


I just finished a book on the military nobility of pre-industrial Japan

Would you like me to samurais it for you?


How do Japanese people ask for rice?



What Kills Most Samurais in a Samurai Duel?

A Chink in the Armor


Crazy samurais are like a windmill

They hate soil


Why did the Samurais armor break?

There was a chink in it.


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