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What are some Samson jokes?

This kid passed his driving test . . . .

This kid passed his driving test and said to his dad:

"How about me borrowing the family car dad?"

His dad said:

"You get your grades up to a B, read your Bible a little more and get your hair cut then we'll talk about you borrowing the car."

A month or so later his dad said:

"Congratulations, your grades are up to a B, plus I've noticed you reading your Bible a lot more but you still haven't cut your hair, so no car I'm afraid."

"But dad," the kid said, "in reading my Bible, I have learned that Samson wore his hair long, so did John The Baptist and probably Jesus did too."

"Very true" said his dad, "but did you notice they walked everywhere."

And Samson said "Lord, why have you given me all my strength in my hair?"

The Lord replied "Because your worth it."

Why was Noah the best businessman?

He floated his stock while the rest of the world was in liquidation.

The greatest journalist? Samson. He took two columns and made an impression on everyone.

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