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Sammy just bought a new pair of pants.

He's explaining to Dean that these pants were specially fitted for dancing.
"Ballroom?" Dean asks.
"Not much," Sammy replies.

Ok I have a Scottish joke: Sam Wanamaker, Immanuel Kant. Sammy Cahn…

… but Walt Disney.

Back in their heyday Ella Fitzgerald and Sammy Davis Jr. opened a restaurant together.

Hard to figure out why "Sam and Ella's" failed.

What's the difference between Sammy Hagar and Snoop Lion?

Sammy was in Van Halen
Snoop was In Halen

Dogs are funny

Jim - Dogs are funny,when they want to go outside they sit by door and wait.
Sam-My grandpa is the same way. Except when He stands by the door He can't remember why he came into the room.

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