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So I'm in Ikea....

...and I ask the salesperson, "Is this a finished desk?"
and she says, "No, it's Swedish."

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A UNIX Salesperson

A unix salesperson named Lenore

Loved her job, but loved the beach more.

She devised such a way

to combine work and play:

She sells C-shells by the seashore

The happiest person I know is a lubricant salesperson...

I guess you could say they don't have a lot of friction in their life.

Salesperson joke, The happiest person I know is a lubricant salesperson...

Do you know the difference between a car salesperson and a software salesperson?

The car salesperson knows when they're lying.

I went in for a job interview today...

The manager, looking for a great salesperson, picked up a laptop and said "sell me this laptop".

I proceeded to stick it under my armpit and walk out.

A few minutes later, the manager called my cellphone upset saying "bring it back!!!"

I said "i'll sell it to you for $200 bucks!"

My brother works in the garage door business

I asked him how it is. He said it has its ups and downs.

He's really happy for the job, though. The opportunity was really an open door for him.

Apparently they've made him into their main salesperson, since he really knows how to close the deal.

I hope you found these puns to be....uplifting.

A blind man walks into a department store...

He takes the leash of his seeing-eye dog and starts swinging the poor dog around above his head.

"Um... Sir? Can I help you?" asks the salesperson.

"No thanks," replies the blind man. "I'm just looking around."

Salesperson joke, A blind man walks into a department store...

I bet anyone who's undergone gender reassignment would make a great salesperson.

Everything they do is a trans action.

Salesperson at a big furniture store: "You put no money down and make no payments for 12 months!"

Me (nervously): "Who told you about us?"

What do you call a bald spot on a cell phone salesperson?

A gap in coverage.

A little girl walks into a pet store...

and says, "I'd wike a wabbit pweathe."

The salesperson laughs and mimics the little girl's speech impediment. "Of courthe! Do you want a widdle bwown wabbit, a bwack wabbit, or a thpotted wabbit?"

The little girl says, "I don't think my thnake giveth a thit what color the wabbit ith."

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A favorite joke from my Dad

Eric walks into a plant nursery. Surrounded by lush potted plants, he selects an attractive hibiscus and proceeds to casually eat the leaves from its branches. A concerned salesperson walks up to him quickly.

"May I help you?" The salesperson asks.

"No thanks," answers Eric, "I'm just browsing."

What did the salesperson say to the little boy wanting a gold-plated dreidel?


Shopping for a new mattress and the salesperson sucked

What kind of salesman refuses to be the little spoon?

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