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Picture problems

One day a wife asked her husband why he kept a picture of her in his wallet.

"Whenever I have a problem, no matter how big, I look at your picture and feel much better,"he said.

"I have that much power over you?" the wife asked, excited.

"Yes,"he said,"When I look at your picture, I tell myself that my other problems are not nearly as big as this one."

My Father was never proud of me

One day he asked me, "how old are you."
I said, "I'm five"
he said,"when I was your age, I was six"

Clueless husband

A woman was laying in bed with her husband at night when she said:"honey i m cold" , he said: "wear warmer clothes", then she said "i m still very cold" he responds "cover yoursef with another blanket" ,the wife who seemed displeased said:"when i was cold my mother used to hug me tightly and cuddle til we slept" her husband says in an angry voice:"Are you telling me we should bring your mother to sleep with us,why do you always say unromantic things in bed!".

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