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  1. I feel sad for people with gay parents They either get twice the number of dad jokes or are stuck in the infinite loop of 'ask mom'
  2. If any of you are sad about being alone on valentines day, just remember... that nobody loves you on any other day of the year, and valentine's day shouldn't be any different.
  3. I was so excited to show my teacher my Reddit joke, but sadly she wasn't in today, so... ...the subreddit.
  4. Sad news....I lost my job as a stage designer, I wasn't very happy but left without making a scene.
  5. Whenever my artist girlfriend is sad I let her draw things on my body. I gave her a shoulder to crayon.
  6. Y'know, I was feeling sad after my crush told me that she liked me as a brother, But then I realized that she was from Alabama.
  7. As an American, it makes me so sad to see that nothing is made in the USA anymore. I just bought this new TV and it says Built-in Antenna. I don't even know where that is.
  8. I really wanted to watch the International origami Championships tonight. Sadly, it's only on paper view.
  9. My girlfriend told me she's sad because she's put on a bit of weight I told her to keep her chins up
  10. I have to say that my girlfriend is the square root of -100. She's a perfect ten but sadly, she's imaginary.

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  1. Sadly, I've lost 20% of my sight Sigh.....
  2. Why is the archaeologist sad? Because his career is in ruins.
  3. Sad news…the creator of autocorrect has died restaurant in piece 🕯
  4. I went to a sad wedding Even the cake was in tiers.
  5. Sadly, the marksman had to give up shooting. After that, his life was aimless.
  6. How do you comfort a sad non binary person ? They're/Their
  7. Whenever I'm sad I just read my blood donor ID. It always says B positive .
  8. I thought Friday was a sad day... Turns out the next day was a sadder day.
  9. I went to the dentist today Dentist: Open up please
    Me: Sometimes I get sad.
  10. Sad news, my obese parrot died today. Mind you, it's a huge weight off my shoulders.
  11. What do you call a sad coffee? A depresso
  12. My obese parrot just died. I'm very sad but it is a huge weight off my shoulders.
  13. What bounces and makes children sad? The checks I write to the Make-A-Wish foundation.
  14. Why are PC gamers always so sad? Because they can't console each other.
  15. I found out some sad news today. My German teacher passed away. Au revoir, amigo.

Sadness joke, I found out some sad news today. My German teacher passed away.

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Please stop including corny details about your family as a blatant ploy to garner additional upvotes and awards by increasing the emotional impact of your post.

This was said to me just now by my 3 year old. So proud! Got a real eye roll from my wife too, so I know it was a good one. Tinged with sadness though, as it reminds me own dad, who went out to get milk and never came back

Amazing joke i came up with

Sadness walked into the doctors office.
the doctor asked: Whats your appointment?
Sadness anwsered: Dis apoointment.

President George W. Bush is sitting in his office...

...When one of his informants walks in to report,
"Mr. President, yesterday three Brazilian soldiers were killed by Al Qaeda."
Bush is silent for a moment as he holds his head in his hands in immense sadness.
"Sir, what's wrong?" asks the informant.
Bush brings his head up to look at the man and asks,
"How many is a Brazilian, exactly?"

The wife & I have just been to the cinema to see that film, Suffragette.

Two hours of a woman's struggle... full of tears, aggression, sadness, anger and frustration.
Anyway, after she finally managed to park the car in the cinema car park, we rushed in and caught the credits.

It's not true that air travel has become a circus.

Circuses may feature the same level of animal cruelty, sadness and clowns as air travel, but circuses actually start on time.

How did the farmer feel after he ripped his clothing?

Let's just say he felt overall sadness.

The Argentina team visited an orphanage in Russia

- It breaks my heart to see those poor eyes filled with sadness and hopelessness..
said one of the orphans.

There was a lawyer who had twelve kids.

He could not find a house to rent, as no landlords wanted to have twelve kids breaking their properties. As he believed that he must not lie, he told his wife to bring eleven kids to have a walk at a nearby cemetery. Then he took the other kid and went to meet a landlord. The landlord asked:
\- How many kids do you have?
\- Twelve.
\- Where are they now?
The lawyer answered with sadness:
\- They are at the cemetery, with their mother.
That's how the lawyer rented a house!


After many years of sadness and suffering, I tearfully buried my loving wife today.

She insisted that she wasn't actually dead, but that b**... told lies.

A blonde comes home early from work to find her husband in bed with another woman.

Shocked and furious, she pulls out a gun from her purse and points it at the couple on the bed. They recoil in fear.
But after a few seconds, the expression on the blondes face shifts from rage to one of sadness and despair.
She turns the gun away from the couple and points it at her own head.
Seeing this, her husband cries out, "Honey, wait...don't!"
She screams back at him, "Shut up! You're next!"

April fools in Latvia

Latvian ask friend if he want potato for lunch. Friend guess is April Fool joke. Say "Too easy, never potato in Latvia, only sadness." One man starve to death during lunch.


A theology professor at a rural community college started the class by asking the students, "What is the opposite of joy?" "Sadness," said one student. "And the opposite of depression?" "Elation," said another. "And how about the opposite of woe?"
A r**... in the back of the class stood up from his seat and said, "I reckon that would be giddy up, mister."

Big IF

If I had a dollar for every gender, I'd only have 2 bucks and millions of i**... counterfeit dollar bills that only bring sadness and disappointment in the human race and are a scar on the face of earth, ruining and vandalising every-f**...-thing the human race has strived for.

Sadness joke, Big IF