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Funniest Sadder Short Jokes

Short sadder jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The sadder humour may include short saddest jokes also.

  1. What do you call a sad dog ? A Melan-Collie.
    What do you call a sadder dog ?
    A Chi-Waah-Waah.
  2. I'm 100 percent against animal cruelty. Nothing makes me sadder than when my dog makes fun of me.
  3. If you think Thursday are depressing, wait two days Then it would be a sadder day (Saturday)
  4. There once was a girl named Ann Heuser Who claimed no man could surprise her.
    Till Pabst took a chance,
    Found a Schlitz in her pants,
    And now she is sadder Budweiser.
  5. Would an unfulfilled beer ad bikini model... be known as a sadder Budweiser girl?
  6. I think we should swap the weekend days Cause Sundays are definitely sadder days.
  7. What's a sadder place than Crimea? Crimea river
  8. What is sadder than my bank balance? My bitcoin balance :(
  9. I know a lot of you are sad because it's a Monday... But don't forget, only 48 hours ago, it was a sadder day...
  10. What is sadder than Friday? Saturday.

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Sadder One Liners

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  1. A lot of people don't like Mondays But 48 hours ago was a sadder day.
  2. I thought Friday was a sad day... Turns out the next day was a sadder day.
  3. If you think Thursdays are depressed, wait for two more days.... It will be a sadder day.
  4. If you think Friday is a sad day, I've got some bad news for you. Tomorrow is Sadder Day.
  5. Sundays are sad But the day before is a sadder day
  6. Today is a sad day... but in two days it will be a sadder day.
  7. Sundays are always a little sad, but the day before is a sadder day.
  8. Friday was a sad day. The next day was a sadder day.
  9. What's sadder than children in Africa? Euthanasia.
  10. Think Thursday is depressing? Wait two days It'll be sadder day then
  11. If you think Thursdays are bad, just wait two days... It will be a sadder day.
  12. Some Sundays can be sad but the day before is always a sadder day. Saturday!
  13. What do you call the day after a sad Friday? A sadder day.
  14. Why do pessimists always think it's the weekend? Because every day is a sadder-day.
  15. I always cry on the first day of the weekend It's a sadder-day

Sadder Than A Jokes

Here is a list of funny sadder than a jokes and even better sadder than a puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • What can get sadder, funnier or better the more it happens? Life
  • What's sadder than a dying puppy? A black child on father's day
  • The only thing sadder than a gluten free f**...... is a flourless grave.
Sadder joke, The only thing sadder than a gluten free f**......

Hilarious Sadder Jokes to Make Your Friends Roar with Laughter

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It's Sadder in Italy

Doctore, all five of my bambinos! They have the no ambition! They all want to be valets when they grows up, jus' like their lazy father! Can you do anything?

I'm afraid it is hopeless, Senora Abatangelo. It is the worst case of parking son's disease I have ever seen.

Sadder joke, If you think Thursdays are bad, just wait two days...