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What do Little Miss Moffat and Saddam Hussein have in common?

They both have curds in their whey.

Why did Saddam Hussein never have sex?

....because he was afraid he'd see Bush.

I spent £96 on eBay today to buy a cheese grater once owned by Hitler and Saddam Hussein.

It was the grater of two evils.

I high-fived Saddam Hussein

Didn't want to leave him hanging

What do Saddam Hussein and Little Miss Muffet have in common?

They both had kurds in their way. (Curds in their whey.)

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What did Saddam Hussein have in common with Little Miss Muffet?

They both had Kurds in their way.

Where was Saddam Hussein found hiding?

Between Iraq and a hard place.

Saddam Hussein joke, Where was Saddam Hussein found hiding?

I just used a Saddam Hussein jelly mould....

I think I've set a dangerous president.

I wish I could go like Saddam Hussein did.

Hanging out with his people

If Saddam Hussein had married Little Miss Muffet...

would the Kurds have had their whey?

Why didn't Saddam Hussein watch Return of the King?

He was living under Iraq

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So Saddam Hussein was trying to give George Bush a high-five...

But George Bush left him hanging.

Where did Saddam Hussein keep his CDs?

In Iraq

What is Saddam Hussein's favorite band?

My Chemical Romance

What did Saddam Hussein say every time he played pool?

I rack.

What is Saddam Hussein's favorite food?

Yellow cake.

Saddam Hussein joke, What is Saddam Hussein's favorite food?

Saddam Hussein wanted to rule the world...

...but he couldn't kuwait

why didnt saddam hussein take a shower

he wanted to take a ba'ath

Saddam Hussein was found Guilty in a Court of Law

but he was given a suspended sentence

After all these years

I can't quit thinking Saddam Hussein might still be in power if he hadn't named his missiles "Scuds."

I went to university with Saddam Hussein

We were studying chemistry and combined inhumanities

Q: Why weren't the Republicans behind the verdict in the Saddam Hussein Trial a couple of days before the 2006 Midterm Elections?

A: Because they were so busy fixing the price on oil!

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