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"Hey Ryu can I watch your next fight?"



"I'm not sure I can do a Hadoken anymore," said Ryu.

"SUREYOUCAN!" replied his master.


What did Ryu say to Ken?



What did Ryu say when I asked if I could have some of his food?



What did Ryu say to Ken when he asked if he could borrow his car?



What did Ken say to Ryu when he asked to borrow money?



Hey Ryu, can I use your bathroom?



Ryu wanted to confess to his lady-crush Chun Li....

So he baked some white fudge treacle tarts and put them down on a table. Ken walked up and was like, "ooh, these tarts smell delicious" and he started to pick one up, when Ryu grabbed the whole plate and did a jumping-spinning kick at Ken while yelling "THESE TARTS AREN'T FOR YOU KEN!"


A man walks up to Ryu

"Can I see your famous Rising Dragon Fist?"



Hey Ryu, can I have your autograph?



What was Ken's response to Ryu asking if he can grab the last slice of pizza?

Fuck off.


What did Ryu say the the fan who asked if he could get his his autograph?

"Sure you can!"


Who would Chun li rather date between ryu and ken?

None. They are both gay lovers.


Street Fighter: What did an angry Ryu say when Ken came up to him and asked if he could go to the upper floor of the dojo?



What did Ryu say when he was taking a dump?...



What did ryu say when he met ken?



What did Ryu say to Ken when he asked if he could borrow $10?



Ken: Hey, can I borrow 100$?

Ryu: Shoryuken, Ken.


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