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Courtesy of my 11-year-old: Dad, what's the difference between a humorous reference and an imaginary bread?

One is a wry allusion and the other is a rye illusion.

Matthew McConaughey walks into a bakery...

Matthew: "Can I get three loaves of bread please?"

Baker: "What type do you want sir?"

Matthew: "All rye, all rye, all rye."

Created a new cocktail. Rye whiskey, Gosling's Ginger Beer, and garnished with jalapeΓ±o

It's called the Rye n' Gosling, and it's the hottest drink I make

What is matthew mcconaughey favorite bread?

All rye all rye

Did you know that 90% of all dog in South Korea are inbred?

Most commonly it's whole wheat or rye

What's an Italian baker's favourite book?

*Focaccia in the Rye*.

What kind of bread does Matthew McConaughey eat?

All rye all rye all rye!

A German man on his first trip to America decides to see New York City.

As he's wandering around the smell of corned beef and fresh baked rye bread draws him into a Kosher deli. The man sits at the counter, eyes the menu and says, "I vood like to try ze bagel and ze lox." In a thick accent.

On his first bite he's throughly enjoying his food and pipes up to the guy behind the counter, "Zis is voonderbar! Zey do not have food like zis vere I am from."

In a heavy Brooklyn accent the guy behind the counter replies, "Now whose fault is that?"

I went to my son and asked

What is Matthew McConaughey's favorite bread and he said

All white all white all white

And I said no you dummy

It's all rye all rye all rye

What kind of bread always goes wrong?

A rye

You know, being unsure if I'm a plant is actually pretty cool.

Am I rye?

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The guys at the Delhi Deli pressured me into having a BLT on Indian bread instead of rye.

Now I like such a naan conformist.

Did you hear the two slices of bread broke up?

I wonder rye.

What would a literary person call a bot-test in a wheat field?

Captcha in the Rye.

Why did the Italian baker close shop?

Everything went a rye

I was thinking of making puns about grain...

But most people can *barley* stand it.

Yes, I know. That was pretty *corny*. You're probably thinking, "*Rye* did you do this?" I'm probably going too *farro* with this. I'm sorry

Why didn't Bono sell any wheat bread at his bakery?

Cuz it's all rye, it's all rye, it's all rye.

Some food puns I came up with

Why should you eat rye before battle?

It's bread for war.

Why should you eat melon before going in the sun?

A little melon in helps protect you from the sun.

When should you get a ladder in a slaughterhouse?

When the steaks are high

Why is it a good idea to rub blueberries on your face when you're embarrassed?

You should berry your face in shame.

Did you hear about the baker that failed at making white bread?

It went a rye.

My Chinese gave me a confectionary made with an unusual flour.

The cake was a rye

Court Comedy

In a courtroom, where tensions are high...

Judge: Order! Order in the court!

Plaintiff: I'll take a ham on rye.

Why did the protestors start throwing bread?

Because they wanted to rye it.

Ever read The Catcher in the Rye?

Or are you holden on for a better time to read it?

I'll have a club sandwich on rye.

Hold the mayo. Cuddle the mustard. Whisper soft words of confidence to the lettuce. Make love to the onion

Why is bread on a baby goose the same as a hollywood movie star?

they are both rye on gosling

What do you call a pickle sandwich that's a scientist?

Dill Rye

Question about The Catcher in the Rye

In chapter 5, I didn't understand why the bus driver made Caulfield get rid of his snowball. He was just...Holden it.

If Jesus make white bread that must mean the devil...

Make rye

Redneck Molecules

Scientists have found a new type of molecule only found in loaves of rye. They're calling them the redneck molecules because they are in bread.

I just finished reading "Catcher in the Rye"

anyone know where I can find the other 8 books in the series?

How does Matthew McConaughey like his sandwiches?

On rye on rye on rye.

What did one piece of bread say to the sad piece of bread?

Its going to be all rye.

Just bumped into a confused J.D Salinger...

Just bumped into a confused J.D Salinger in the bread shop. He was looking for foccacia in the rye.

Knowing she has allergies and skin problems, he makes a sandwich for his sister

"So rye ah, sis"

Why is Donald Trump investing in cloning, choirs, aviaries, and bakeries?

So he can sing a song of six Pence,
with a pocket full of rye,
and four and twenty blackbirds
baked in a pie.

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