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Ready for some laughs? Check out this collection of humorous jokes about all things Rust -- the popular game, the programming language, and the science of oxidation. Read jokes about the impact of rust on armor, the appeal of aluminum, and more.

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What part of Popeye doesn't rust?

The one he sticks in Olive Oyl.

What does a rusty can of spray-on rust remover smell like?


Did you hear the inventor of spell check died?

May he rust in p**....

What did the robot have written on their gravestone?

Rust In Peace

Why does Popeye's tool never rust?

Because he keeps it in Olive Oil.

Why dont Demons fear oxidation?

Because there's no rust for the wicked

Iron Man never got along with Aquaman.

He has rust issues

Rust joke, Iron Man never got along with Aquaman.

Did you hear the guy that invented spell check died?

May he rust in p**...

What's written on the tomb of a robot?

Rust in peace!

I dated this metal chick once

It was all cool for the first month, but then she started to rust.

the Mars rover used to be coded in C

Now it's coated in Rust.

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Rustom was asked by God...

"If you had to choose one, would you pick
- Parkinsons or Alzheimers?"

Rustom thought for a minute,
then chose Parkinsons.

"Why did you choose that?", asked God.

"It's better to spill half a glass of whiskey,
than to forget where the bottles are kept."

Why is rust on a car orange?

Because its true car-rot

Do you know why you should never boil vegetables?

Because the wheelchair might rust

What's on robot's gravestone?

Rust in peace

Metal fans don't rest in peace,

they RUST in peace.

Rust joke, Metal fans don't rest in peace,

Why do mexicans dislike rust?

Because it is feo

What does a rusty cow say?


Rust is....


Why metalheads don't wash their hair?

They are afraid that it will rust.

What would you write on the grave of a knight in shining armor?


Dihydrogen Monoxide can be used to rust metal

Imagine what it can do to your body.

I was playing RUST and I found an AK-47 before I could found food

I felt like a child in Congo

Why did the rusty bolt go to the bar?

To loosen up.

What do you write on a Robot's gravestone?

Rust In Peace

Why can't Iron Man stay in a steady relationship?

He has rust issues.

Rust joke, Why can't Iron Man stay in a steady relationship?

Why does Festivus use an aluminum pole?

Because if you use a pole that can rust you don't get Festivus you get Tetanus.

Where does a rusty door go fishing?

At the creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

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