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(NSFW) What do you call a prostitute with a runny nose?


Two kids are watching 2 dogs making love.

The female kid asks:
> How do the dogs know when they want to have sex?

> The boy: I don't know... Maybe they smell it.

They sit and watch them a little more. And after a while the female kid asks:
>Do you have a runny nose?

Told my friend his nose was runny

He said it's not

If you think having a runny nose is fun...

Well, it snot

What do you call a hooker with a runny nose?


What's brown and sticky?

A stick.

What's brown and runny?

Usain Bolt.

What's brown and rhymes with snoop?

Dr. Dre.

Restaurant Order

A resident in a hotel breakfast room called the waiter to his table.

"I want two boiled eggs, one of them so undercooked it's runny, and the other so overcooked, it's tough and hard to eat. Also, give me some grilled bacon that has been left on the plate to get cold; burnt toast that crumbles away as soon as you touch it with a knife; butter straight from the deep freeze so that it's impossible to spread; and a pot of very weak coffee, luke-warm."

"That's a complicated order, Sir," said the bewildered waiter. "It might be quite difficult to prepare."

The guest replied, "Oh? But that's what I got yesterday!!"

A woman answers her door...

And a man is standing in the doorway. He says, "lady I'm sorry, but I think I just hit your cat." The lady replies, " oh no, I don't think so, he hardly ever gets out of the house." The man says, "well it came running out of your yard." The woman then asks, "what does it look like?" The man says, "well it looks kinda flat and runny." "No what did it look like before you hit it?". "Surprised. "

Some people think a runny nose is funny...

but it's snot.

My dads favorite

When you're kissing with your honey
and your nose is kinda runny
you may think its kinda funny
but it's not

If you're kissing on your honey and your nose is sort of runny,

you make think it's funny, but it snot.

Don't kiss your wife with a runny nose.

You might think it's funny, but it's snot.

What's brown and runny

Usain Bolt

What do you call a hooker with a runny nose?


I heard this on a radio show and thought it was worth sharing

When your nose is really runny everybody thinks it's funny

But it'snot.

No laughing matter.

Some people think it's funny when you're nose is wet and runny, but it's snot.

I was hanging out with my friend from Mexico the other day and he asked me how runny I like my cottage cheese.

I told him "No whey, Jose"

What bear always has a runny nose?

A drizzly bear.

If your sex doll gets a runny nose, it's not because she's sick

Its because she's full

You may think it's funny, to kiss your Honey, when their nose is runny, but

It's snot!

What's brown and runny

A Kenyan

A caterer was sprinting down the hallway with a pan of scrambled eggs. My first instinct repsonse:

"I hope they like their eggs runny"

I'm an over medium comedian

I don't always make yolks, but when I do, they are runny

What's brown and runny?

Usian Bolt

What do you call a blonde with a runny nose?


What's black and runny?

Usain Bolt.

Do you know what was wrong with the girl with the runny nose?

I don't know, but she had tissues.

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