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Running from a bear...

A hiker surprises a large Grizzly in the woods. The Bruin gives chase and as the man crashed blindly through the brush, he suddenly finds himself standing on a precipice overlooking a deep canyon. The bear is nearly upon him when the man in desperation shouts to the heavens, "Lord, give this bear some religion!" At that moment the bear drops to his knees in earnest prayer, "Our heavenly Father, Thank you for this meal I'm about to receive..."

Running away doesn't help you with your problems

Unless you're fat. Then yeah, run.

what do you do if you see your ex , running around in your front yard covered in blood and screaming for help ?

stay calm . reload . and try again.

Runnin joke, what do you do if you see your ex , running around in your front yard covered in blood and screaming

What do running shoes and Neo-Nazis have in common?

Both make Jews run faster!

(Sorry, but as an agnostic Jew myself, I hope that it's okay for me to make this joke.)

Running around pulling up people's sleeves,

Because I have the right to bare arms.

I tried running once.

But I kept spilling my beer.

You know America's going to s*** when...

there is TP running for office.

Runnin joke, You know America's going to s*** when...

When I go running, I meet new people....

Mostly paramedics.

I'm often running out of tippex at my job

It's a good thing I work at a sperm clinic

How do you keep a running back from dropping the football?

Paint it like a watermelon.

I've been running around screaming at random people that I've lost my virginity.

I'm starting to regret naming my dog that.

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A mother takes her three son's to enroll in school. The teacher asks.

A mother takes her three son's to enroll in school. The teacher asks.

Teacher: What are your son's names?

Lady: This boy's name is Leroy, this other boy's name is Leroy, and Leroy here is my third son's name.

Teacher: Isn't it confusing having all three boy's named the same?

Lady: Oh no, you see when it's time for lunch I just holler out the door, Leroy! it's time for lunch, and they all come a runnin. When it's time for dinner I just holler out the door, Leroy! it's time for dinner and they all come a runnin.

Teacher: Ok, so what do you do when you want a specific boy?

Lady: Oh, well then I just holler out their last name.

Running with scissors is a bad idea.

Then again, so is scissoring with the runs.

Running with a car

If you run in front of a car, you get tired.

If you run in back of a car, you get exhausted.

I keep running late to work every day.

I really need a car.

My laptop's running so hot....

That Frodo just walked in and chucked the one ring on it.

Runnin joke, My laptop's running so hot....

I'm running a boat making company from my attic.

The sails are through the roof.

I went running with my Bible... my Psalms are sweaty.

Attention by Charlie Puth. A song about mario.

"Runnin round Runnin round Runnin round, throwing those turtles at my knee"

Two men in the woods come across some bear tracks...

The first man takes off his boots and starts puttin on runnin sneakers.

The second man asks "do you really think you gonna outrun a bear?"

First man replies "I just gotta outrun you"

I was running late this morning to I took my weet box to eat on my commute to work. In my tired state I hopped on the wrong bus which instead of taking me to work went hurtling through space.

I accidentally had gotten on the Universal Cereal Bus.

If you are running in a race and pass the second place person, what place are you in?

Second place.

Running away from your problems never helps...

Unless you're overweight

I'm always running behind schedule

He's a fast guy, I can't keep up

New England trees have sprouted legs and are running amok. Officials say:

Birches be runnin wild

Running culture has gotten weird

Back in my day we wore running shoes and shorts and just tried our best, but I showed up to a 3K and all the people were in hoods and robes and they were all super unpleasant.

You're running a race in Norway. How do you know if you've passed the last Lap?

When you reach the Finnish line...

We had no running water so I went outside to see what the problem was and noticed a beaver decided to make its house in the hole where I get my water from and I thought to myself....

Well dam

Running with scissors

You know how they say you shouldn't run with scissors? Well you also shouldn't scissor with the runs...

If you're running out of ideas for a slutty Halloween costume...

Dress up as your college professor, they barely cover anything important in class.

What did the running back say before scoring a touchdown?

Gotta run.

What should you do when someone is running after you

Run away

Running through the meddow

Was a girl who just now gets hit by a truck!

What is a running back's favorite fast food chain?


My running coach told me to increase the volume of my runs

So I unplugged the headphones and played my music from the speakers instead.

I would tell you a running joke

But i will have to catch it first

Now that he's running for president, did you hear about Kanye's party?

It's definitely not in LA

I was running a marathon. I was in first place and could see the finish line. I tripped and fell and now all I see is...

De feet

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