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What do they call the Hunger Games in France?

Battle Royale with Cheese.

You know what they call Squid Game in France?

A Battle Royale with Cheese.

What do you call Fortnite with cows?

A cattle royale.

If James Bond movies were about food...

These could be their titles:

* On Her Majesty's Secret Recipe

* Donuts are Forever

* Octopie

* Moonbaker

* The Spy Who Loved Meat

* License to Grill

* GoldenPie

* Diet Another Day

* All The Food In The World Is Not Enough

* Cashew Chicken Royale

99 dead in Tesla autopilot car c**...

This has caused Tesla to drop all ideas of a battle Royale mode for Tesla cars

I worked out how long the Battle Royale trend is going to last

A fortnight.

What do you call a james bond film about a calculator?

Casio royale

Royale joke, What do you call a james bond film about a calculator?

What do they call pubg in France?

Fornite battle royale, with cheese

What do they call Player Unknown Battlegrounds in France?

Fortnite battle royale, with cheese

Yo mama so fat

When she lands in fortnite, she gets a Victory Royale

When did God created Battle Royale games?

The fourth night

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This new fad about Battle Royale PC games...

Give it 2 weeks.

Here's proof why Sony won't make a "PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale 2"

It's a "Cross Platform Fighter".

There's a new battle royale game soon

When is Black Friday again?

I decided i would continuously play Battle Royale games for a full on week.

But i got bored by the fourth night.

What do you call aquarium with two male betta fish?

Betta royale.

Royale joke, What do you call aquarium with two male betta fish?

hi people i have recently made a channel called ree

i will tell u why to sub

1 i will upload edited and funny videos

2 i will stream battle royale i have over 400 wins

playing with big you tubers

What happens if you kill all the kids in our neighbourhood on Halloween?


I want to improve this whole Battle Royale craze

I want it to be Battle Royale with cheese

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