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  1. At the hearings, Kavanaugh was asked how he would prefer to cross a waist deep river, in a rowboat or simply walk across it He said he doesn't want to give an opinion on Row Vs. Wade
  2. "Hey man, I've never been in a two man rowboat before. Do I take this paddle or that one?" "Either oar."
  3. "It's not about the size of the boat it's the motion of the ocean"... But it's hard to get cross the Atlantic with a rowboat
  4. Did you hear about the pirate who wrote a romantic song about his rowboat? Love me tender.
  5. A priest, a rabbi, and a minister are all in a rowboat. Despite their differences, they have a lovely afternoon.
  6. Hillary and Donald are out in a rowboat. The boat capsizes. Who get saved? The United States of America
  7. "It's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean." But it takes much longer to get to England on a rowboat.

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  1. Why cant you play cards on a rowboat? Because you're sitting on the deck...

Rowboat joke, Why cant you play cards on a rowboat?

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A highly successful blonde business woman was headed west

She was on her way to a work conference, driving through Arkansas.
As she's cruising along she comes across a farm and out in the middle of the field is a blonde in a rowboat, surrounded by cows, rowing like mad and going nowhere.
She's p**.... She pulls over and jumps out of her car, runs up to the fence, and begins shouting.
"I don't know who the h**... you are, but you're giving all of us blondes a bad name. If I could swim, I'd come over there and kick your a**...!"

Blonde joke

So two blondes were driving through the country and noticed another blonde. She was sitting in a rowboat, which was in the middle of a field, and she was trying to row it.
The first blonde said- See, it's blondes like that that give us a bad name.
And the second blonde replied- Yeah! If I could swim, I'd go out there and drown her myself!

Two blondes were driving out in the country side

One looked out the window and saw another blonde in the middle of a field sitting in a rowboat, working the oars.
She pointed her out and said, "Its idiots like that that give us all a bad name."
"You're right," said her companion, "let's go drown her."

Two penguins are in a rowboat

They are rowing across the Saharan desert in a rowboat, after about three days they have only made it about a mile. The one penguin looks at the other penguin and says "Wears the paddles" the other penguin replies "sure does"

A blonde was walking by a field...

And saw another blonde in a rowboat paddling away at the dirt and stirring up a ton of dust.
The blonde walking called out, "Hey! What are you doing?!"
The other blonde replied, "I'm trying to get over to the barn! Could you help me?"
The blonde walking retorted, "Well, I would but I can't swim."

Four Men Are In A Rowboat...

They're fishing and after a couple hours without success, they all decide it's time for a smoke. They pull out their packs, but alas, no one has anything to light the cigarettes with.
That's when they throw one of their cigarettes over board.
Now the boat is a cigarette lighter.

An admiral and a general go fishing...

In a small rowboat out on the lake. A large fish pulls on the line, and the boat flips over. The general starts to swim to shore, but the admiral starts screaming "help, help, help!" and flailing in the water. The general goes over to him, grabs hold, and swims him back to dry land.
Once there the admiral says "thank you, thank you, but please don't tell anyone I can't swim, I'd be the laughing stock of the Navy!" To which the general replies "it's okay, I understand, my men would be devastated to learn I can't walk on water."

Rowboat joke, An admiral and a general go fishing...