Rotisserie Jokes

What are some Rotisserie jokes?

What animal spins around about 200 times after it dies?

A rotisserie chicken

I tell ya, it's fine to eat one test grape in the produce section ...

But take *one bite* of rotisserie chicken, and they're all, "Sir, you need to leave."

I just bought a rotisserie but I might return it because it's so rude.

It's constantly flipping the bird.

What animal rotates at least 200 times after it dies?

A rotisserie chicken.

I'm returning this rude rotisserie.

It keeps flipping the bird.

Pricey birds

A man was picking up his order of a rotisserie chicken from a restaurant when he noticed George Bush was there paying for his meal, bragging that he had eaten two whole rotisserie chicken by himself. Bush paid $20 plus a hefty tip. The man was shocked to see that his own bill for his takeout was also $20 despite ordering half of what the former president had.

You know what they say, a bird in hand is worth two in Bush.

Old man Manelli is cooking a chicken on a rotisserie in his front stoop

When a hippy walks by. He stops, looks up and says: "Hey man! The music stopped and your monkeys on fire"

Why do gay guys like rotisserie chicken?

They like the way the meat spins

Besides, rotisserie meat is too tough for those tiny army knives.

Swiss people refuse to dine at Boston Market because they hate choosing sides.

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