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  1. My roomates think our house is haunted I live here for over 200 years and never seen anything strange in it.
  2. I finally stopped my roomate from biting his nails. All i had to do was make him wear shoes.
  3. If you have roomates, vegetable oil, and apple juice. Here's a tip. Always check to see if they're switched around. You do not want to drink apple juice.
  4. One roomate said to another, “Man, this morning I woke up with white crud around my mouth!”
    The other roomate said, “Oh, that's my fault, I guess I missed!”
  5. Had to buy rat poison last week. I'm with a really huge problem at home. Can't stand my roomate.
  6. My roomate accused me of stealing her clothes the other day. I got so scared I nearly s**... her pants
  7. My roomate thought I was stealing her dried clothes and confronted me. I got so scared I s**... her pants.
Roomate joke, My roomate thought I was stealing her dried clothes and confronted me.

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  1. I always wanted to have an astronaut as a roomate but I never had enough space
  2. I stole my roomates creatine powder and hit the gym Is that ill gotten Gainz?
  3. My roomate confronted me today suspicious that I had been stealing from her laundry.
  4. I took all my roomates light bulbs as a prank... He was delighted.
  5. My roomate scared me as I was leaving the bathroom I guess I got scared shitless.
  6. My new roomate likes me I woke up with him cuddling on my bunk
  7. What did Blake Edwards say when asked if he had a roomate? Yes, I have a rhuuuum, mate!
  8. I can always hear my roomate bark while having s**... He likes it ruff
  9. How do you keep your gay roomate from r**... you? Look the closet before you go to sleep.

Roomate joke, How do you keep your gay roomate from r**... you?

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Did you hear about the new Italian tires?

d**... through mud, d**... through snow, and when d**... flat d**... w**..., w**..., w**....
originally told to me by an italian american roomate, cheers to d**... Red from Chicago

Roomate joke, My roomate thought I was stealing her dried clothes and confronted me.

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