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  1. More girls chase after me everyday than Leonardo, Channing Tatum and Ronaldo combined -Bus driver
  2. Ronaldo and Messi will finally both meet each other during the World Cup... at an Airport as they return their respective home countries.
  3. Ronaldo was so gracious to help Cavani off the pitch So Cavani kindly returned the favour.
  4. How's the soccer game going? Good! It's 3-1 now. The first goal was made by Ronaldo and the other two by someone named replay.
  5. Ronaldo is the best This case about Ronaldo, only showed how good he is get inside, without the opponent want.
  6. Guess we'll be seeing more of Ronaldo on the cover of EA Fifa now.. or is the Barstillona ?
  7. [FUT] I hate when I accidently switch out Messi instead of Ronaldo Oops, wrong sub
  8. Christiano Ronaldo has a lot of fans. Would you like to buy one?
  9. cat get scared by ronaldo scream
  10. Why is Ronaldo so good at football? Oil of Olé Olé Olé

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Ronaldo One Liners

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  1. Why does C. Ronaldo comb his hair every game break? So it won't get too messi.
  2. Why is Cristiano Ronaldo's room always clean? Because he's not Messi.
  3. Who is the most famous soccer player from USA? Ronaldo McDonaldo
  4. What do Ronaldo and a magician have in common? they both do hat tricks
  5. They say Jesus can walk on water... But Cristiano Ronaldo can dive on land.
  6. I swear, I'm Cristiano Ronaldo's biggest fan.
  7. What it would be like having one of his rivals not show up? Was he a rival then?
  8. Christiano Ronaldo races with himself. Who won? No one. They both came second.
  9. Ronaldo will never lose his sponsors They won't dare turning their back to him
  10. Why is Portugal so poor? Because they use up all their GDP on paying Ronaldo.
  11. A very famous football player was found dead at his mansion. Nice try Ronaldo.
  12. Who is the best player in the world? Like for Ronaldo

    Love for Messi
    Haha for your ex
  13. Why is Ronaldo tidy? Because he does not want to be called Messi.
  14. Jesus saves But Ronaldo taps in the rebound.
  15. Ronaldo shot so powerful It created a hurricane

Cristiano Ronaldo Jokes

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  • Cristiano ronaldo was accused of r**... This time it wasn't on the soccer field
Ronaldo joke, Cristiano ronaldo was accused of r**...

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After a freak accident; Zlatan, Messi and Ronaldo enter the kingdom of heaven.

Messi is first to be judged by the lord, God looks upon Messi and says "Messi, you shall sit on my right side" and Messi takes his rightful place.
Ronaldo is next up and God tell him "Ah, Ronaldo, You shall be seated at my left side for eternity"
Then Zlatan walks up and says "Move over, you are in my spot"

Cristiano Ronaldo Went to the barbershop for a new haircut.

He went home to his girlfriend and asked, "Well what do you think?". She took a couple of minutes looking his new hair cut over and replied "Well... at least it's not Messi".

Messi, Ronaldo and Zlatan died in a car c**... and goes to heaven.

The three walks up to God sitting on his throne. God says:
"Messi, what is the best thing about football?"
Messi bows and answers:
"The best thing about football is that I have been able to spread joy to people, earn money for my living and seeing the world." God felt it was a good answerr>when he said: "Good Messi, come and sit at my left side."
God then looked at Ronaldo and said: "And you Ronaldo, what is the best thing about football?
Ronaldo responds a little timidly:
"Lord, I come from poor backgrounds and have managed to show my fellow human beings that there is a way out of it all and that you do not have to be doomed to a life of misery. Meanwhile, I was able to spread joy to the people. "
God replied: "Good answer Ronaldo, come and sit on my right side.".
God then looked at Zlatan and said: "What do you think then Zlatan?"
Zlatan looks up, clears his t**..., spits on the ground and says:
"You're sitting in my chair."

Ronaldo joke, How's the soccer game going?