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What are the Rolling Stones better at than the Bee gees?

Stayin' Alive

Saw Fred Durst falling down a hill the other day

I tried to stop him but he just kept on rollin

Why is it appropriate that the Rolling Stones let their song Start Me Up be used for a Windows 95 commercial?

Because it contains the lyrics You'd make a grown man cry.

Got any rolling papers?

Sorry, all my papers are stationary.

OG Rolling Stones Joke

I was on another forum, the comments section of a political site. Somebody was talking about how the Rolling Stones still got it despite having gotten a lot older. So people were making up humorous OG-version Stones song titles, like "Limping Jack Flash" and "Gimme Fiber."

And then somebody said it:

>!"Hey! You! Get Offa My Lawn!"!<

Limp bizkit rear ended someone at a stop light

Onlookers said it looked like he was going to brake, but he just kept rollin rollin rollin rollin.

Why cant the Rolling stones ever be pastors?

We all know they dont gather mass.

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