Rodent Jokes

What are some Rodent jokes?

It's pretty disgusting how celebrity parents name their children after cooked rodent.

Poor Chris Pratt

A rodent fell into a vat of hot cooking oil.

It turned into a Chris Pratt

Where do rodents get high?

In Hamsterdam.

What do rodents do after dinner?

Gopher a walk.

I invented a sandwich made with rodent meat.

I call it the Mickey Mouse Club.

Comes with chips.

What do you call a Spanish rodent, that's always asking questions?

A porquepine.

I like to write lyrics in my spare time.

This led to me finding out my cousin was dyslexic when I messaged him asking if he would rate a rap and he responded by sexually molesting a rodent.

What rodent helps reduce your risk when trading livestock futures?

A hedgehog

[OC] What do you call a rodent that sells illegal guns?

An Armadealer

Did you hear about the new cooling device for the lower jaw of a south American rodent?

It's a chinchilla chin chiller.

I was sexually assaulted by a colourful Rodent today!!!

His name was 'Hue Mongoose'

Chris Pratt is such a burnt rodent...

Chris P-Ratt.

What do you call a sea fairing rodent that likes pastries?

A pie rat

What's the most private rodent?

The anony-mouse

Told my PC gamer friend that I bought a home for my rodent.

He should see my new mouse pad.

what do you call a rodent that smokes weed?

A Hemp-ster

What do you call a singing rodent that lives in a dam?

Just-a Beaver

What's the most monstrous rodent of them all?

The Chinzilla.

Animal joke

"What does a tunneling rodent decide to do on 4th down of a football game? Gopher it!"

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