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  1. If you ask me what my favorite rock band is and I'm being subjective, I'd say The Who. If I was being objective, I'd say it was The Whom.
  2. I like metal bands with female lead singers... Something about women screaming makes me rock hard.
  3. The difference between a rock band and a jazz group The rock band will play 3 chords in front of 1000 people.
    The jazz group will play 1000 chords in front of 3 people.
  4. Life is hard in a band Me and the guys started a rock band, we call it 1023MB. But no matter how hard we look we cant find a gig.
  5. My grandfather used to play in a rock band called "The Hinges". They usually opened for The Doors.
  6. A Rock Band Plays 3 Chords for a 3000 Person Crowd Where as a jazz player will play 3000 chords for a 3 person crowd.
  7. If I had a Nickel for every terrible Canadian rock band, I know I'd at least get a nickelback. I'll let myself out.
  8. I'm in a band. We do covers of Stone Sour, Stone Temple Pilots, and The Rolling Stones. We're a rock band.
  9. I have a Polish friend who is roadie for a rock band I have a Czech one too.
    Czech one too. Czech one too.
  10. Why did the Chicken want to join a rock band??? He was the only one with a set of drum sticks...

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Rock Band One Liners

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  1. If al gore started a math rock band it should be called Algorhythm
  2. What do you call a gun loving, Christian rock band? Guns N' Moses
  3. Did you hear about the group of geologists? They formed a Rock Band.
  4. What do you call it when an Irish band is caught lip syncing? Sham rock.
  5. What do you call a rock band that makes songs about sorting? OC/DC
  6. What would happen if The Styx and The Stones got a band together? It wood rock.
  7. What do you call a rock band with a perfectionist in it? OCDC
  8. A guy asked me if I could name a better prog-rock band than RUSH. I said Yes.
  9. What do you call a Jewish rock band? I want my nickelback
  10. What do you call a professional rock band? Linkedin Park
  11. My rock band got a gig at the baseball game. I played first bass.
  12. What is a Leprechauns favorite rock band? Green Day
  13. Which rock band has 4 people but doesn't make music? Mount Rushmore
  14. What is President Trump's least favorite rock band? Foreigner.
  15. What do you call an bunch of muppets in an emo band? Fragile Rock

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Q: What 80's rock band is banned from New Orleans and why?
A: The Scorpions. Every time they're in town, they rock you like a hurricane.

50th Anniversary Tour

This year, 60s rock group The Byrds will be embarking on a tour of the United States for the 50th anniversary of their formation. The band announced that former President George Bush will be joining them on stage for several of their songs, however, Bush will be playing both guitar and keyboards in order to cut costs. This just goes to show that a Bush in the band is worth two of the Byrds.

What did the r**... kids call there rock band?

Syndrome of a Down...

If a Christian rock band had a Gibson, they could be called "The Five Gospels, Les Paul."


Have you heard of the nuttiest band in rock n roll?

The almond brothers...
I'll go now

So there's a rock band playing a concert...

And they're almost at the end of their set and exhausted, and their minds start to wander. The guitarist looks out into the crowd and thinks to himself "gee, that girl in the front row is pretty cute, I should see if I can get her to come backstage after the show". The drummer thinks to himself "gee, after this gig I'll be able to afford a new high hat!" All the while, the bassist is up there thinkin "gee....D....F...."

I knew a short, Caucasian rock star. But then his band failed

Now he's just a white dwarf

Doctor: "Sir, the results are in. I'm afraid you have a serious case of 80s Rock Bands Alzheimer's"

Patient: "Oh my god. What is the cure??!"

What do you call an English rock band that is high?


How do the SEOs increase the chances their rock band will be discovered?

By turning up the AMP.

Why are Mumford & Sons the only agnostic rock band?

Because they don't even know if they believe.

What was the vegan rock band's first hit?

Lettuce turnip the beet!

I just found a rock band on a job based social network

Why did the rock band get in serious treble?

They failed on a consistent bassist.

What is the preferred rock and roll band in Greece ?

Megadebt !

What was the rock band doing at the kitchen sink?

Moshing the dishes

This Christian rock band is so bad...

...I want to die right now so I can complain in person.

Have I got a favourite 70's rock band?


Lawyers must be pretty big fans of the legendary Irish rock band U2.

Almost all of them go on about all the pro-Bono things that they do.

I like my ice cream like I like my classic rock bands.

No Jimis.

What is a Power Adapter's favorite rock band?


What do you call a computerized rock band?


I was going to tell a joke about a popular rock band, but..

I'm going to need A Day To Remember.

What do you call a rock band whose members are all neurologists?

Pink Freud

What do you call it when a Spanish fisherman creates a pop rock band?

Hispanic at the Cisco!

The future

The world in 10 years...
MTV announcer: a new punk rock band making its way to the top 100...
Band leader: I'm sorry did you just assume our genre?

What's an owl's favorite rock band?

Owls personally prefer the track list of Rock Band 2. Just a solid game.

Which rock band always wash their hands before a concert?


What's every pirates favourite alternative rock band?

The arrrrkells

What rock band was popular among storm-troopers?

Panic! AT-AT the disco

Did you ever notice...

That Kansas is a progressive rock band but a conservative state?

Gandalf is Attending a Rock Concert...

Gandalf gets up on stage before the main act of a rock concert. He stares at the crowd, who cheer for the headlining band. "I am a conjurer of Cheap Trick!" He yells, and crowd surfs off to Valinor.

I was in a rock group named Shadow Band once

We flopped. For some reason, nobody could hear us.

Why did the farmer start a punk rock band?

He was tired of Haulin' Oats

TIL Jim Crow Was In A Rock Band

Their first release was Black in Back.

These are dark times for rock music...

...We must band together!

I like rock bands named after their lead singers

Like Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper, and Tool.

Did you hear about the local islamic state rock band?

They tried going global
but they blew up.

I decided I'm going to open a bar for Muslim Rock Bands to play at...

I'm going to call it...
Allah Hu-Rock Bar

Do Christian rock bands still bang groupies?

Yes, they just don't use birth control.

What is Superintendent Chalmers favorite southern rock band?


Which rock band are professional chocolate bar makers?

Q: What do you call a rock band with heart disease?

A: The Strokes

What type of AIDS do Rock Stars get?


What are Captain Kirk's least favorite 1970's prog-rock bands?

It's a tossup between the alan parsons PROJECT and GENESIS.

What is a great gift for a struggling rock band?

Stage presents.

Why can't most Americans start an internet rock band?

They'd take up too much bandwidth

What is Kevin Spacey's favorite punk rock band?

Minor Threat

Q: What do you get when you cross a sloth and a Scottish rock band?

Slow Patrol

I love organic rock music

My favorite band is the Almond Butters

Is there a better prog-rock band than Rush?


Two members of Welsh rock band The Automatic have quit.

The remaining two now call themselves The Semi-automatic.

Have you heard about the anti-abortion rock group?

They're called Band for Life

Why can't creationists ever get girls in rock bands?

They aren't very good at carbon dating.

A new heavy metal Christian Rock band has started up.

They're called Nuns 'n' Moses

I went to go see Kafkaesque last night...

They're a new Prague Rock band, you should Czech them out

What does a group of downs syndrome patients call their rock band?

Syndrome of a Down

What is the most popular band in the Middle East?

I Rock.

Guys I'm starting a Christian rock band

I'll gonna call it Guns N' Moses

What do you call it when a late 60s rock band uses japanese cooking techniques to prepare food on a griddle?


What's an alchemist's favorite classic rock band?

Gold Zeppelin

What's a hard rock p**...'s favorite band?


What was Vladimir Lenin's favorite 90's alt rock band?

Collective Soul