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When my employer asked if I had a criminal record...

...I guess "highest number of robberies in an hour" wasn't the answer he was looking for.

I started carrying a gun after being involved in an attempted robbery a few months ago.

Ever since, my robberies have been going a whole lot better.

Did you hear about the string of bank robberies committed by a guy dressed up like Jesus?

The cops finally nailed him.

Urgent message to all older men...

There has been a terrible spate of robberies by a gang of young women. Their MO is to pull you over on the road and hitch a ride. They always wear skimpy bikinis, then start to rub themselves on you while you're driving in order to distract you. One of them then sneakily steals your wallet. I have already lost four wallets this week. But you can buy cheap wallets at the dollar store.

When I was younger, I always heard of people getting robbed at gunpoint.

If there's been so many robberies, why do people keep going to gunpoint?

You'd think the police would patrol this 'Knifepoint' place more carefully...

Especially with all the r**... and robberies that are committed there.

I started carrying a concealed revolver after an attempted robbery a while back.

Since then my robberies have been a lot more successful.

Robberies joke, I started carrying a concealed revolver after an attempted robbery a while back.

Police want to interview a man suspected for a string of robberies wearing stockings and suspenders.

However, the Chief Constable has insisted they wear their normal uniform.

Police have arrested a gang of Corn Flakes that they alledge committed a spree of armed robberies throughout the metro area. A Police spokesman described them as...

....cereal offenders.

What do you call ghosts commiting bank robberies?

The Polterheist

Have you noticed how few robberies there has been lately?

Makes all the difference when it is not only bad guys wearing masks.

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Why are power tools good for bank robberies?

They know the drill.

My bakery was recently robbed. Now, I've seen a lot of robberies before...

But this takes the cake!

What's black and usually involved in robberies?

A balaclava.

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