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Eating pussy is like going on a roadtrip with your wife

You don't want to stop and ask for directions and you dont want to admit that a handheld device could do a better job than you

Three guys on a roadtrip had to share a bed in a fleabag motel after their car broke down.

They slept side-by-side. In the morning, the guy on the left said "I had the most wonderful dream. I was getting a handjob from the most beautiful woman."
"That's weird," said the guy on the right, "I had the exact same dream."
The guy in the middle said "I had a dream that I went skiing!"


Nurse Betty works at an insane asylum.
She walked into johns room and saw him with his hands up like he's driving a car.
Nurse Betty: "John what are you doing?"
John:"I'm driving to Chicago. Vroom! vroom!"
"ok John. Have a nice ride"

Nurse Betty returns to johns room a few hours later to see him still driving his "car".
"how's the drive going John?"
"Beep! Beep! I'm just pulling into Chicago right now."
"that's nice John. Have fun"

Nurse Betty then goes next door to tommy's room. She gasped as she saw Tommy with his pants down and him beating off.
"Tommy! What are you doing!?!"
"I'm fucking john's wife while he's in Chicago"

Did I ever tell you about my roadtrip with Unidan?

Well, me and Unidan took a roadtrip last summer, and as we were driving through a barren stretch of Montana, I took the wheel to let him rest for a while. After a few hours of driving, i came across a sheep with it's head stuck in a fence, and i decided i could use a small break, so i hopped out and started fucking the sheep. a few minutes later, unidan woke up inside the truck and looked over and shouted "Hey, that looks like fun, can i try?!". i said "yeah sure" so unidan ran over and stuck his head in the fence


[note: replace 'Unidan' with your friend's name while telling this joke, i'm just using his name since everyone here knows him]

The Gryffindor trio went for a roadtrip.

Halfway there, Harry realised him being the driver forgot to check the meter.

"What were you thinking?", Ron & Hermione exclaimed.

*"Expecto Petroleum?"*

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