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35 risen jokes and hilarious risen puns to laugh out loud. Read jokes about risen that are clean and suitable for kids and friends.

Bring a bit of joy and laughter to Holy Week with this collection of "He is Risen" jokes. With topics ranging from higher education to leaping beacons, these jokes will help lighten the mood and share a laugh as we remember and celebrate the resurrection.

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Funniest Risen Short Jokes

Short risen jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The risen humour may include short rises jokes also.

  1. Before you go around posting He has risen Remember to add spoiler alert.
    Some of us haven't read the book yet.
  2. How do we know that Jesus was made of bread? Because yeasterday he died and tomorrow he will have risen.
  3. The cost of balloons has risen drastically over the past few years... ...Due to inflation.
  4. Why have there been so many jokes about inflation lately? Because demand has risen after a period of low interest.
  5. "McDonald's sales soar thanks to all day breakfast" In unrelated news toilet paper stocks have risen and plumber businesses have been unable to keep up with demands for work.
  6. The only reason the Democrats haven't risen up and overthrown the government The Republicans are the ones with the guns.
  7. How did the Chinese atheist get to heaven? Jesus said to him "Behold! I am risen!" and he said "That's nice – I don't bereave you."
  8. The amount of people that shout "Boo!" The amount of people that shout "Boo!" to their friends has risen by 85%.
    That's a frightening statistic.
  9. If Jesus had been discovered to have no risen, what would this be called? Resurectile dysfunction.
  10. He is risen! Thats not what I heard from Mary Magdalene...

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Risen One Liners

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  1. Why is bread the body of Christ? Because he is risen.
  2. If the body of Christ cannot be gluten-free... Then I guess He is risen
  3. Why has the cost of balloons risen in the past ten years? Because of inflation!
  4. What did the Catholic baker say after baking the Easter Eucharist? He is risen.
  5. If He has risen... ...does that mean Jesus isn't kosher for Passover?
  6. What's Jesus's favourite chord? G# sus, cause G sus has risen.
  7. My mate said, My bread hasn't risen enough to put in the oven. I said, Prove it.
  8. Remember this Easter "He is risen!" April Fools
  9. The lord has risen But it was a struggle to get out of bed this morning.
  10. What do you say when you make pizza for a church? The crust has risen!
  11. What does a sleepy zombie say? I have risen from the bed.
  12. Why do Jews avoid Easter during Passover? Because Jesus has risen.
  13. Cost of balloon has risen up a lot in past few years.. Inflation is to blame.
  14. Easter is on 4/20 this year. He is risen indeed!
  15. Being alone with my girlfriend on Easter. "Jesus has risen . . . and so have I."

He Has Risen Jokes

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  • "Bad news son, the price of v**... has risen", said the father. "Does that mean that you will drink less", asks the son. "No, you will eat less."
  • Woke up this morning with half an e**... Told my religious wife, "he is risen!"
    (Could also be in TIFU)
  • What did Mary say when she saw Jesus with a massive e**...? He has risen.
Risen joke, What did Mary say when she saw Jesus with a massive e**...?

Laughable Risen Jokes for Instant Grins & Giggles

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Good Friday / Easter Joke

So it's after the resurrection and boy is Jesus in the mood for some partying. He gets the disciples together and heads for the club!
They hit the dance floor, but something is wrong - Jesus just can't seem to get in groove with the music. He tries and tries, but finally yells out. . .
Help! I've risen and I can't get down!

Russia. Little Boris comes running to his alcoholic father.

"Daddy, daddy! I just heard that v**... has risen in price. That means you'll be drinking less from now on?"
"No, junior. That means you'll be eating less," the father replies.

Risen joke, Remember this Easter "He is risen!"