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there once was a...

There once was a community in which there where the squares and the "jokes". the "jokes" were actually circles but were a minority and were often laughed at and segregated in the community, so they were called "jokes". One circle had enough of the ridicule from the squares and wanted to become a square himself.

He knew that there was only one person in their town that could pull off such a thing. They called him Eye, for he was all seeing. After his long Journey, he finally arrived at Eye's magical hut. After the circle told him his request, the mystical Eye said, "This joke will forever be pointless, and Eye just wasted your time"


A kid gets in a taxi

The taxi driver tries to be funny and to ridicule the kid.

If your mom would be an idiot, what would you be?

An idiot, answers the kid.

The driver starts laughing

If your dad was a retard, what would you be?

A retard, answers the kid.

Sudden twist (by u/squidward_is_swag): the taxi driver is infuriated and in a fit of rage. He drives the car off a bridge killing both people. It turns out he had severe mental issues from abuse in his past and was venting out his anger on the child. The child would have died anyway as the driver was planning on murdering him in his psychotic, blurred state of mind.


Right now Kim Jong Un feels like the kid who everything thinks might bring a gun to school.

So we're doing the only thing that makes sense and doubling down on the ridicule.


I've been ridiculed by both sides for not picking an ideology. The very fact that I can't clearly define which way I roll seems to enrages people.

I don't pay attention to how I put the toilet paper on.


I don't like being ridiculed for having a bad vocabulary.

It makes me indigenous.


I was ridiculed by some miscreants at the Halloween party for my Helium atom costume,..

... but I was too noble to react to such petty volatile elements.


What is often ridiculed in public, yet everyone does it when they are alone?

Talk to themselves.


A Chinese man with the unfortunate name "Shan Yu"

To escape the ridicule of his peers, this man moved to the United States and found a job in an office that simplified scholarly articles on FOL (first order logic) so that the average Joe could read them.

It turned out this was Shan Yu's dream job; no one else could handle the language in the FOL files like he could. In his off hours he would practice hiding his accent, and "FOL" was his word of choice.

After years of practice, Shan Yu's accent was rock solid in all but the most emotional scenarios, and even then was only a bit shaky.

One day, Shan Yu heard his supervisor explaining to a client that the papers his company managed were beginning to become far too erudite for the average reader to grasp. In casual terms, these were the FOL-est papers he'd ever seen. Upon hearing this, Shan Yu slammed open the door and proclaimed: "Only Yu can prevent FORest fires!"


They ridiculed me for trying to bake a theatre

But soon the curtains will rise!


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