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Short riddle jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The riddle humour may include short crossword puzzle jokes also.

  1. Q: How many geeks does it take to ruin a joke? A: You mean nerd, not geek. And not joke, but riddle. Proceed.
  2. Riddle: A King has 3 cups in front of him. The first two cups are full, the third cup is empty. What is the King's name?? King Philip III
  3. When I was in Japan I was asked by a woman on the train, "What's black and white and red all over?" "Wow" I replied. "You speak English?"
    She replied, "Just a riddle".
  4. While I was living in Japan a woman approached me on the train... She said to me, "What's black and white and red all over?"
    "Wow," I said, "You can speak English?"
    "Just a riddle," she said.
  5. More of a riddle, actually. I happen once a year, but twice a week.
    You can easily find me in a store, but you won't see me in a mall.
    What am I?
  6. Riddle me this, Batman. What do you find in an alley that has holes in it? "M-my parents?"
    "No! A bowling ball! I'm so sorry..."
  7. Riddle me this: What's Hot N Red, Best in Bed? A bag of Flamin' Hot cheetos cause I'm alone
  8. Riddle: What has wings but can't fly, legs but can't walk, and a mouth but can't speak? A dead bird
  9. You're hungry. In the fridge there is a bag of bread, jar of jam, a can of tuna, and some milk. To answer the riddle, what do you open first? This thread!
  10. A riddle Who's got orange skin, poor speaking skills, is overwhelmingly disliked and is in over his head?
    Yeah, I know, too easy right?
    It's Jar Jar Binks

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Riddle One Liners

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  1. What do you call a bad riddle? Voldemort
  2. Why couldn't the tree solve the Lumberjack's riddle? He was stumped.
  3. Riddle me this: Why do we have Batman shampoo but conditioner Gordon isn't a thing?
  4. What do you call an amputee that can't answer riddles? Stumped
  5. Why couldn't the cut down tree answer a riddle? It was stumped.
  6. Why are riddles about trees so hard? Because they always leave you stumped!
  7. What's the riddle? What has a foot but no legs?
  8. I have glasses but cannot see. I have feet but cannot walk. What am I? A riddle.
  9. [Riddle] See H side by side, you are inside. If you are in IT, you are E. Church Furniture
  10. What's the worst kind of riddle? Being riddled with bullets
  11. I told a riddle to a double amputee once Boy did it leave him stumped
  12. Want to know a Harry Potter riddle? Tom Marvolo
  13. Can someone please tell me Voldemorts last name My friends talk in riddles
  14. What do you call a brothel riddled with rabies? A frothel
  15. what do all riddles that make it to the front page have in common?

Riddle Me This Jokes

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  • What's the difference between a riddle and an elephant sitting on a bun? One is conundrum and the other is a bununderhim.
  • Lame Riddle Use these four words in a sentence:
    defeat, deduct, defense, detail
    answer in comments
  • I read a riddle with a picture of an eye, a child, a finger pointing at me, and a knot I kid you not, that's what it was
  • 4 legged table joke Q: At a four-legged table, there is one grandma, two mothers, two daughters and a granddaughter. How many legs are under the table?
    A: There are 10 legs under the table in total.
  • I met a man on the London bridge joke As the sun set on the ridge, he tipped his hat and drew his name and cheated at the guessing game.
    What was the man’s name?
    The man’s name is Andrew.
  • What did the quadruple amputee say when he couldn't solve the riddle? I'm stumped.
  • I thought about posting a riddle to challenge everyone mentally But most of you seem mentally challenged already.
  • I thought of an unsolvable riddle Name one pitbull song without googling it
  • I always found the "Dead man and a puddle of water" riddle to be completely unrealistic. Noone would hang themselves standing on a block of ice. They would get cold feet!
  • Riddle: what gets more used up the more you fill it? Op's mom!
    Oh wait.. hang on
Riddle joke, Riddle: what gets more used up the more you fill it?

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A riddle for the day

A riddle for the day
Arnold Schwarzenegger has a big one.
Michael J. Fox has a small one.
Madonna doesn't have one.
The Pope has one but doesn't use it.
Clinton uses his all the time.
Mickey Mouse has an unusual one.
Liberace never used his on women.
j**... Seinfeld is very, very proud of his.
Cher claims that she took on 3.
We never saw Lucy use Desi's.
What is it? Answer below! (this is pretty good )
The answer is: "A Last Name."
Sorry Folks...No Dirty Jokes Here!

help me figure out this riddle!

a farmer has 2 sons. one is a "good boy" and the other is "a bump on a log". the farmer takes his cow into town and sells it to a butcher. then he goes to a watchmaker and buys a watch. WHO DOES HE GIVE THE WATCH TO?
this is some dutch riddle, so the "" are translated words

5 year old cousin with this one: Who lives in the green house?

Me: I don't know
Her: The green guy! Who lives in the red house?
Me: The red guy
Her: Yes! Who lives in the blue house?
Me: The blue guy
Her: Yeah! Who lives in the yellow house?
Me: The yellow guy
Her: Who lives in the white house?
[Now since I've heard this "riddle" before, I knew the trick answer. I was ready to answer The President! when my uncle blurted out:]
The black guy!!

A riddle for today

A riddle for today
Arnold Schwarzenegger has a big one.
Michael J. Fox has a small one.
Madonna doesn't have one.
The Pope has one but doesn't use it.
Clinton uses his all the time.
Mickey Mouse has an unusual one.
Liberace never used his on women.
j**... Seinfeld is very, very proud of his.
Cher claims that she took on 3.
We never saw Lucy use Desi's.
What is it?
[The answer is: "A Last Name."
Sorry Folks...No Dirty Jokes Here!] (/spoiler)

A dark riddle.

What has four limbs in the morning, two limbs in the afternoon, and is dead by evening?
A disobedient s**....

Lawyer Riddle

A high priced lawyer, a low priced lawyer and the tooth fairy are sitting at a table. There is a $20 bill in the middle of the table. All of a sudden, the lights in the room go off. When they come back on, the $20 bill is gone. Who took it?
The high priced lawyer, because the low priced lawyer and the tooth fairy are figments of your imagination.

Riddle, you see a guy

You see a guy on the street talking to himself. What's his nationality?
He's a Babylonian.

What kind of riddle has no answer?

If there's a bee in my hand, what's in my eye?

Beauty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
ITT: People who want to kill me, people who think I am their dad, more puns about bees, puns about beer, "oh I get it", and "this joke is more like a riddle"

Want to know a riddle?


Crazy Riddle

If Jane's daughter is my daughter's mother, then who am I to Jane?

Riddle: I advise others to do this, but never do it myself. What is my advice?

Make sure she's 18 before doing the deed.

What do you call a riddle that is easy to crack?

A brittle.

Riddle me this, Batman! How many sides does a circle have?

The inside and the outside.
Happy Halloween.

What's a German's favorite riddle book?

Mind Kramp

I'm Full of Riddles.

Riddle A:
What is the longest word in the dictionary?
S**mile**s because there is a mile between the S's.
Riddle B:
What has hands but cannot clap?
A clock!
Riddle Cya L8ter:
How do you make the #1 disappear?
Add a **G** to it and it's G**one**.

[Dark] Some bloke poses a riddle: "How can you kill thousands of people with a pocket knife without shedding any blood?"

Other bloke: "Hey didn't you say you worked in intensive care?"


Coffee you drink when you wake up early to go hunting for hidden pokemon.

"What had its development cut short unexpectedly?" my father, a game nerd, asked as a riddle.

"Easy! *Silent Hills*!"
"... Your mother's pregnancy..."

Two cannibals are eating Jim Carrey

"How'd we manage to kill him?"
"Is that suppose to be some kind of riddle?"

Here's a riddle for you:

A teenage boy walks underneath his school and meets a ghost and his pet snake. There's your Riddle.

Riddle Me This.

What bread has a center that you cannot eat?


[Harry Potter] What did Tom Riddle say to Myrtle before killing her ?

Hey, do you want to see my huge snake that i have kept hidden ? Its sure to make you "moan".

Riddle me this

What animal is the best example of a split personality?
Answer: an amoeba

Riddles are weird.

If you think about them too much, they get rid of your brain.
Your welcome

Riddle: A flat-earther and a round-earther enter a maze at the same time. They each have a compass, and both know that the exit is on the North end of the maze. Which one exits the maze first?

The round-earther exits first, because the flat-earther died of measles while inside.

A sphinx was guarding a road when a traveler walked by...

A sphinx was guarding a road when a traveler walked by. The sphinx said to the man "you may pass if you can answer my riddle: What is wider than an ocean, heavier than a mountain, and unbounded by the laws of physics?"
The man thought for a moment and answered "imagination".
"Wrong", said the Sphinx. "The answer is your mom".

State without an A joke

Question: State without the letter ‘A’.
Answer: Stte

A blonde, brunette, and a red-head go to heaven

They meet St. Peter at a staircase with 100 stairs
St. Peter says, "To get to the gates, you need to climb the stairs, but on each stair is a joke or a riddle. If you laugh, you have to start over."
The red-head goes first. She gets to the first step and laughs.
The brunette goes next. She gets to the thirty second step, then laughs.
The blonde goes last. She got to the final step, and laughed.
St. Peter asks, "You were so close. Why did you laugh?"
The blonde replies, "I finally got the joke from the first step."

What's green, hangs on the wall, and whistles?

Forgive me if this is a repost, but this is an old Jewish joke that my father loved to tell and I don't think I've seen it here before
So two old Jewish men are sitting shooting the breeze, and one says he has a riddle for the other.
"What's green, hangs on the wall, and whistles?"
The second man thinks long and hard and finally admits that he is stumped, and asks for the answer, to which the first man replies "A herring"
"But, a herring isn't green"
"So, you paint it green"
"And a herring doesn't hang on the wall"
"So, you hang it on the wall"
"A herring does not whistle"
"...ehh, two out of three ain't bad"

True Story: I found a note on my doorstep today.

Opening it, I was excited to see a riddle!
It read:
"What dog has legs
But cannot run.
A tail,
It cannot wag,
A mouth,
But cannot bark,
A nose,
But cannot smell?"
I love riddles. Before reading the answer, I sat down with my wife and we spent a while pondering the possible answers.
Eventually, curiosity overcame us. We turned over the note to see the answer.
It read:
"Your dog.
I'm really sorry.
I ran it over."
I hate riddles.

need help figuring out a joke.

A girl I know keeps telling my friends a joke about golf. She insists it's a joke and not a riddle but none of us get it. Here it is:
Four guys go golfing. The first guy tees up, and hits the ball super far. The second guy tees up, and hits the ball really terribly. The third guy tees up, and hits the ball not as far as the first guy but further than the second guy. The last guy takes a red golf ball, tees up, hits the ball, and it goes up up up.
I don't get it and no one I knows can figure it out. Please help.

Riddle joke, need help figuring out a joke.

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