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  1. Rick and Morty cancelled over joke Dan Harmon and Rick & Morty Are Canceled Because 2020 Has No Sense of Humor
  2. Rick and morty recently surpassed Big Bang Theory as the highest rated comedy on television... In other news, apparently Big Bang Theory is supposed to be funny.
  3. What would the show be renamed if Rick and Morty actually legitimately died for good? Rigor and Mortis
  4. How do we know Rick is British? He is always looking for Morty!
    OC, and yeah, it's lame but you can tell it to kids and not get called into a "meeting" when they tell it at school ;)
  5. Rick and Morty Isn't Rick and Morty that thing you get when you go all stiff after you die?
  6. Why should we accept you into harvard university? Person: So why should we accept you into harvard university?
    Me: i watch rick and morty
    Person: oh right this way sir, I apologise
  7. A friend asked me for advice on how to avoid the extreme Rick and Morty fanboys. I said: "I'm sorry, I can't help you out of this pickle Rick."
  8. Words could not express the sheer excitement fans felt after hearing Rick & Morty was officially renewed. Mainly because the fanbase doesn't exactly know how words work.
  9. What does Rick & Morty Season 3 have in common with a male pornstar? They don't come for a really long time.
  10. Wait... I thought Rick and Morty was that thing that you get when you die and your body turns all stiff.

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  1. What do Rick and Morty season 3 and my girlfriend have in common? They both don't exist
  2. What do Lifeguards and Rick and Morty's Space cruiser have in common? Keep Summer Safe
  3. When is a door not a door? When its in an advert on Rick and Morty
  4. RICK AND MORTY SEASON 3 RELEASED! Just not in this dimension..
  5. Vaccines are like Rick and Morty If you don't get it, you are dumb.
  6. Rick and Morty's newest rhythm game has been announced Introducing..
    Dance Harmony
  7. What mountain do Rick and Morty fans climb? Mount Cleverest
  8. What does a Mexican rick and morty fan like on his fries? szec-juan sauce
  9. What is the funniest part about Rick and Morty? The audience.
  10. What do you call a Rick and Morty fan with a bronze medal? Thirdperson.
  11. 90% of Rick and Morty fanboys think they're Rick... ... when in reality they're j**....
  12. I missed the latest episode of Rick & Morty Boy, do I feel s**... now.

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Rick and Morty 9/11 joke

Rick and Morty fly around the two towers but instead attack the harbor.
Rick: Honestly, I’m proud of us for not …
Morty: Totally, would have been cheap ...
Rick: Low-hanging fruit. We’re better than that.
Morty: We almost did a 9/11, we went with the Pearl Harbor. We’re pretty classy !

A rick and morty joke I made up

What will j**... be for Halloween?
A spooky j**... Skeleton!

What happens when you combine Rick & Morty with a Solar Flare?

You get Solar Morty and WOOOoooooo!

What do you call a guy/girl with no arms and no legs jokes. (WDYCAGWNAANL)

Ok these are pretty common, so I'll start with a couple of standards and then add some I came up with.
WDYCAGWNAANL in a mailbox? Bill
WDYCAGWNAANL in front of a door? Matt
WDYCAGWNAANL in the water? Bob
WDYCAGWNAANL in a pile of leaves? Russel.
In a hole? Doug.
On a pile of dirt? Phil
Now a few of my own ( although others have probably figured these out too):
WDYCAGWNAANL on fire? Bernie
Dead? Mort or Mortie
With one remaining functional appendage? r**....
Cheering for the red team? Fred
Buried in a mine cave-in? Cole
In a fire? It's Cole again!
Hanging from a tree? Bud
Hanging from a different tree? Leif
In a pile of hay? Rick
WDYCAGWNAANL who fell through the outhouse hole? Lou